Keepers Beat The Pro 2017-Results

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As we approach the midpoint of the Keepers X Kampaign, we were presented with a sultry summer day for the annual Keepers Beat The Pro Klassic.  39 Keepers kompeted in two divisions against the scores of 8 tour professionals from this year’s Memorial Tournament in a modified Stableford Match Play format for valuable Kup Points and Kash Sweeps.

In the American Division Marc Leishman didn’t see it coming as Jimmy “Bam Bam” Polsky smacked him upside the head for 36 points to win top honors and lap the field.  This was total domination start to finish with 10 net birdies and a net eagle as Jimmy shot 80 on a difficult set-up on the North Bent playing off the 18 strokes his 110% handicap afforded.

Bam Bam’s winning card….a study is in the works for Russian influence

Tied second in the American 9 furlongs back were Steve “Don’t Be Laughin’ At By Curve” Lustig and Artie “I Told You To Pay Attention” Aronoff who scored 27 points off Bubba Watson and Ricky Barnes respectively.  Phil “Beware Of The Wounded Kat” Malet took down Bubba for fourth and tied fifth in the American with 24 points were Rusty “They Call Them Hot Metal For A Reason” Minkoff, Kevin “Bullseye” Bass, and Mike “Just Check The Top Of The Leaderboard” Selis.

A Classic American Story

The National Division was a very tightly kontested affair as Don “The Don” Rogers worked a little family magic of his own taking down Hideki Matsuyama for 27 points.  After winning two of the first three holes The Don konserved his energy for spell before stepping on the gas to win 6 of the last 11 on the way to first place in the National.

Tied second were Frank “Practice Makes Perfect” Crantz and John “Freakyazoid” Friedson who beat Bubba and Phil for 26 points each.  A log jam for fourth included Arthur “So This Is A Sport” Dubin, Nelson “First Among Cohens” Cohen, Mark “S” Goldstein, and Ron “Remember The Finale” Hirschel who scored 25 points each against their pro opponents.

National Division was a fevered sprint to the finish


The Booty:

American Division:

1st- Jimmy Polsky  300 Kup Points  $100 Kash Sweeps

T-2nd- Steve Lustig and Artie Aronoff  175 Kup Points  $40 Kash Sweeps each

4th- Phil Malet  100 Kup Points

T-5th- Kevin Bass, Rusty Minkoff, and Mike Selis  50 Kup Points each


National Division:

1st- Don Rogers  300 Kup Points  $100 Kash Sweeps

T-2nd- Frank Crantz and John Friedson 175 Kup Points  $40 Kash Sweeps each

T-4th- Nelson Cohen, Arthur Dubin, Mark S. Goldstein, and Ron Hirschel 50 Kup Points each


Keepers Beat The Pro 2017

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The next Keepers X full field event-our annual Beat-The-Pro Day-will be played on Saturday June 16th.  This is a spine tickling individual virtual match play kompetition against one of the prominent pros playing at The Memorial this year.   Each Keeper will pick through our proven random selection process one of eight pro scores from their Sunday round at Muirfield Village matched to par on the North Course.

Maybe you draw Jon Rahm that would be a handful

Using 110% of their handicap it will be a hole-by-hole match against their virtual pro for Stableford-like points.  For every hole the Keeper beats his pro he gets 3 points for pushed holes he gets 1 point.  The total points for the 18 holes is his Beat-The-Pro score for the day.  The kompetition will be played on the bent grass fairways of the North Course with tee times each Keeper requests that Saturday morning through the Woodmont Lottery Tee Time System.

Jordan might be a tough handle if it comes down to making putts

In 2016 aligned with the PGA Championship at Baltusrol the top Kup Points and Kash Sweeps went to Jim “I Can Be Long” Polsky with a 31 point thrashing of Billy Hurley III.  Ron “I Like My Green Tee” Edlavitch was second with 30 points against Billy Hurley III as well.  Sol “Nothing I Won’t Eat” Gordon was third garnering 28 points against Brooks Koepka.

Top Finishing Keepers Goodies:

1st Place  300 Keepers Points  and $100 Kash Sweeps

2nd Place 200 Keepers Points and $50 Kash Sweeps

3rd Place 150 Keepers Points and $25 Kash Sweeps

4th Place 100 Keepers Points and a knuckle five

5th Place 50 Keepers Points and a “atta boy!”

One new wrinkle we do not have a block of Keepers Tee Times for this event.

Once you sign up for the event through the Kosher K below you will make your own grouping and tee time request on the North Course through the Woodmont Website for Saturday morning June 16th some time after Thursday June 8th.

The system, with the help of Keeper Elves, will then give you a tee time for your grouping that morning.  You do not have to play with just Keepers…..a scorecard for each Keeper participant will be waiting for you in the shop…….this is gonna be fun…..don’t miss your chance to BEAT THE PRO!!

Klick The K to sign up for this event
Event Registration Is Closed



Keepers Kolor War 2017-Results

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Mount Rushmore-The 7th Inning Stretch-was a wild and wooly affair with 40 Keepers representing four Presidential teams in our annual Kolor War Team Event.  The event format included Stage 1 Matches of 9 hole Two-Man Scramble, Stage 2 Matches of 9 hole parallel Two-Man Best Ball and Not-So-Best Ball, and Stage 3’s hand-to-hand individual scrums of Short Game Skills at The Sid.

Team Teddy, kaptained by the always acerbic Howard “Stogie” Wollner, ran rough shod over the field with a lightening charge in Stage 2 and Stage 3 to score 504 points and win the whole shooting match.

In the Stage 1 Scramble Matches Team Abe took a decisive 10-point lead on the back of across-the-roster heroics.  Keith Eig-Billy Burak (21 points), Len Goldman-Steve Lustig (20 points), Rich Sussman-Tom Burne (24 points), Dave Benson-Monroe Brett (22 points), and Art Blitz-Rick Brecher (16 points) together tallied 104 points to open up a gap on the field.

Team Teddy found their ballast in Stage 2’s parallel Best Ball and Not-So-Best Ball Matches with Artie Aronoff-Bill Artz (46 points), Kaptain Wollner-Ronnie Rosenberg (42 points),  and Mike Fisher-Paul Cohen (42 points) fomenting the comeback as they dominated with 208 points to take a commanding lead.

But with the five Stage 3 Short Game Skills-Normandy Beach, Dumbo’s Rump, Phil’s Pholly, Born To Run, and Lag Time-still to go it was not “over until it was over”.  The heroics in this stage came from Ronnie “I know my way around Green” Greenbaum and Arnie “It Is Not All About The Drivin'” Aronoff  who both won 4 out of 5 skills in their respective groups as Team Teddy scored 202 points as a team to consolidate their lead and take home the $50-a-man Team Sweeps.

A side note on the Short Game Challenge, there were three hole-outs worth 50 bonus Keepers Kup Points to each man by Steve “MVP” Lustig, Joe “Rump Management” Baldinger, and Moe “New Grooves” Dweck.

Team Teddy included Mike Fisher, Norm Freidkin, Paul Cohen, Kaptain Howard Woller , Artie Aronoff, and Ronnie Greenbaum
Team MVP’s for each squad scored 200 Keepers Kup Points as well as the swell Bobbling Head Trophy of their President.   Keepers Kup Points were awarded to the top three individual performers on each team so there were plenty of points to go around.

(Click to see the full results sheet from Keepers Kolor War-Mt. Rushmore-7th Inning Stretch)

MVPs Steve Lustig and Ronnie Greenbaum with Lil’ Abe and Lil’ Teddy respectively

Team Prizing:

First Place Team (504 points)- Team Teddy-Howard Wollner, Ronnie Rosenberg, Mike Fisher, Paul Cohen, Artie Aronoff, Bill Artz, Bob Cook, Jimmy Polsky, Norman Freidkin, and Ronnie Greenbaum    $50 Kash Sweeps per man

Second Place Team (474 points)-Team Abe-Keith Eig, Billy Burak, Len Goldman, Steve Lustig, Rich Sussman, Tom Burne, Dave Benson, Monroe Brett, Art Blitz, and Rick Brecher  $25 Kash Sweeps per man


Tale of the Tape…..Team Teddy wins convincingly with 504 points

The Players Pool Kash Game raised $370 for our Military Charity Donation at years end and awarded Kash Prizes to the top six individual point winners across the field.

Kash Winners:

1st- Ronnie Greenbaum (63 points) $110 kash

2nd Artie Aronoff (61 points) $90 kash

3rd Steve Lustig 57 points $70 kash

4th Alan Levine (56 Points) $50 kash

5th Len Goldman (55 points) $30 kash

6th Mike Selis (53 points) $20 kash.

Thanks to Konnor and his staff crew for putting on a great show for us in Keepers X Kolor War 2017.

Keepers Tuesday Flap Jacks 2017-Results

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Nine teams of short order chefs participated in last nights Keepers Flap Jacks on a perfectly tranquil evening on the North Course.  Playing this unusual format that uses (2) Best Balls on the Odd Holes and (2) Not So Best Balls on the Even Holes it made sure that all three guys kept their attention on the pile of pancakes.

Team Iron Skillet, Marc “The Bronx Bantam” Fink-Ron “Show Me The Green Tee” Edlavitch-Rick “Don’t Call Me Mitch” Brecher-showed the most kulinary skill shooting at team 1 over par 73 to win the first prize points and kash sweeps.  The manhandled the Five Pars 3 under par and survived the Par Threes on their way to a convincing team performance.  All pars on best ball holes at 7 & 9 sealed the victory by one.

Tied second at 74 were Team Shoneys-Artie “Sign Me Up Again..And Again” Aronoff-Sol “You Ate What” Gordon-Mark “The One With The A” Goldstein-and Team Huddle House-Howard “Konnor Showed Me A Thing or Two” Wollner-Paul “Not Sure Why It’s Pablo” Cohen-Gene “Every Young” Youngentob.

Flap Jacks Prizes:

1st  Mark Fink, Ron Edlavitch, Rick Brecher  150 Kup Points  $50 Kash Sweeps each

T-2nd  Artie Aronoff, Sol Gordon, M.A. Goldstein, Howard Wollner, Paul Cohen, Gene Youngentob  105 Kup Points $20 Kash Sweeps each

4th  Rich Sussman, Harry Harrison, Ronnie Greenbaum  60 Kup Points Each

5th  Allen Zweig, Steve Keller, Rick Cohen  30 Kup Points Each

In the Players Pool Kash Game of individual Low Net it was Artie with an artful Net 35 getting $60 and Ron Edlavitch and Howard Wollner with Net 36’s getting $25 each. We added another $115 to our Military Contributions for the end of the year thanks to the participation of 22 guys in this game.

Keepers Kolor War 2017-Mount Rushmore

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Keepers Kolor War “Mount Rushmore-The Seventh Inning Stretch” will be kontested on Sunday May 21st with four teams of 10 players representing the characters from the Washington Nationals Seventh Inning Stretch Presidential Races.

In an entertaining Ryder Kup Three-Stage Kompetition, Team Abe, Team Tom, Team Teddy, and Team George will vie for a pot of team Kash Sweeps as well as individual Keepers Kup points.  Team Kaptains will be designated from those who sign up and a draft of the four Presidential teams will ensue under the careful scrutiny of the Federal Election Kommission.  Handicaps in all matches provide a level playing field-80% in the 2-Man Matches and 90% in the Singles Matches.

Festivities begin Sunday morning with the First Stage 9-hole 2-Man Scramble Matches teeing off between 8:00 and 9:00 am playing for 36 team points per match.  The same pairings will play the back nine the Second Stage Double 2-Man Best Ball/Worst Ball match so they are effectively two matches going at the same time in each foursome.   Each of those matches are played 36 team points so the total available in each foursome is 72 points.

The Kool Kosher K Team Hats for each squad

We break to lick war wounds, grab a snack, and a review the team scoreboard situation.  The finish is the Third Stage 5-Hole Short Game Skills Matches starting at at the Sydney Harman Short Game Area and the Old Short Game Practice Greens at 1:30.  These matches are made up of foursomes of one player of similar handicap from each Presidential squad who will play Almost Skins (7/5/3/1 points per hole) for an available 80 points per foursome.  The whole shebang should be done by 2:30 pm.

The winners booty…..members of the winning team get $50 Kash Sweeps per person with $25 Kash Sweeps per person for the runner-up team.  Individual points from matches will be tallied to determine the four team MVPs (top individual point totals) who get 200 Keepers Kup Points and a Presidential Bobblehead Trophy for their efforts.

Team George MVP
Team Teddy MVP











Last year, in the Battle of the Beers 2016, it was the formidable Team Corona Extras-Moe Dweck, John Friedson, Steve Keller, Herbie Cherner, Harry Harrison, Phil Schulman, Monroe Brett, and Chet Levine-who prevailed as the “Top of the Hops”.

Come out and enjoy our raucous day of Keepers Team Kompetition……..Slots are limited so sign up early.

Event Registration Has Closed

Par Three Tournament 2017-Results

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The interest level in our annual Par Three Tournament has been growing in leaps and bounds as husbands and wives, parents and their children, juniors, and a whole lot more kompeted in the 2017 iteration called “Short Circuit”.  The Par 54 18-hole design, which featured a few new twists and turns curated by the firm of D & D & W & F, challenged the creativity and skill of 132 Woodmont members, including 44 Keepers, on a warm and sultry spring day.

Great fun was had by all…..Phil Malet got his day started in style with his first career Hole-In-One on the first hole “Ben Franklin” setting off a mishbucha celebration for the ages.   Under our adopted Keepers Excellence In Action Policy Phil got 100 Keepers points for this “perfect swing” to go along with lots of high fives.

Phil Malet giving the Hole-In-One gesture….nothing but net!
For The Keepers we prized Kup Points to the top five net groups with Keepers.  The formidable group of Howard Isaacson, Rick Brecher, Neal Bobys, and Paul Cohen scorched the bent grass with 41.7 net to take the top Keepers prize.  Not far behind were Arnie Miller, Phil Schulman, and Mike Selis whose group shot 43.2 net.

Keepers Results:

1st Net-Howard Isaacson, Rick Brecher, Neal Bobys, and Paul Cohen  41.7 net  300 Kup Points each

2nd Net-Arnie Miller, Phil Schulman, and Mike Selis  43.2 net  200 Kup Points each

3rd Net-Jimmy Polsky, Barry Minkoff, Billy Burak and Mike Fisher  44 net  150 Kup Points each

T-4th Net-Gary Faigen, Cary Reines, and Arthur Dubin  44.7 net   75 Kup Points each

T-4th Net-Moe Dweck and Marc Fink  44.7 net   75 Kup Points each


The day’s field was so large tournament officials had to split the atom and go to two flights based on team handicaps which provided more spoils to be distributed among winners in gross and net categories.  As you can see in the winners covered all age groups and genders.  Some of them will have their sweeps placed in trust so as not to endanger their amateur status.

Proton Gross Winners at 12 under…Will Klein-Kyle Nordheimer-Sophie Simon-Amanda Levy
Low Net in the Electron Division at 42.2 Ryan & Scott Attman and Jake & Elliot LIffman


(Click to see the Short Circuit winners in the Proton and Electron flights)


(click on the scoreboard to enlarge the image resolution)

Special thanks to Konnor Farrell and his staff for their yeoman’s effort in planning, organizing, and putting on this fabulous event for our membership.

Keepers Tuesday Flap Jacks 2017

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Flap Jacks PhotoOur first Tuesday Night Pick-Up Game of the year will be a scrumptious team affair on May 9th with assigned tee times from 4:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m.  The Keepers  will indulge in a 3-Man Team format we call Flap Jacks.  The Keepers Black Box will assemble 3-Man teams from all the Keepers who sign up.  The 9-hole kompetition will be on the North Course Gold Tees with 90% handicaps.

This unique team format counts two net scores on each hole.  On the Odd Holes the team counts their two best net ball scores and on the Even Holes the team’s two not-so-best-ball scores will count.  The total score of the two net balls counted on each of the nine holes is the team Flap Jack Score.

The point is simple….butter that griddle generously because every man’s score has a chance to matter on every hole.

Event Prizes Per Man on winning teams:

Keepers Kash Sweeps:  1st- $50,  2nd $25,  3rd $10

Keepers Kup Points: 1st (150),  2nd (120),  3rd (90),  4th (60),  5th (30)

There will also be a Voluntary Kash Players Pool Game for those who are interested.  The game is net individual score for the nine holes.  Please bring $10 cash if you want in on this game-half goes to the military charity pool and half to prize the top three individual net scores and ties.

To sign up hit the Kosher K below. As a Keeper pick your name from the sign up drop down-click on submit to sign up.

The teams will be fairly created by the time tested algorithms of the Keepers Black Box.  Plan to hang around for dinner as the finishing short order cooks assemble in the Trophy Room.

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Event Registration is Closed