Krieg: In Memorium

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Arthur Hart Blitz             March 18, 1941-October 4, 2017

Arthur Blitz loved his Keepers nickname.  Fact is Arthur loved everyone’s nickname.  Nicknames kind of set a fraternal tone that made The Keepers such a lure for him.  He loved playing golf but loved the idea of sharing the experience of golf with friends even more.

To those who knew him well, Arthur’s appetite for reading golf, watching golf, and talking about golf was insatiable.  For him The Keepers were a natural fit.  Arthur was all in on The Keepers koncepts-komraderie, kompetition, and kommunity service.  The traditions, etiquette, and rules of the game presented so many conundrums that stoked Arthur’s curiousity.

An abiding interest in the rules made him a driving force behind our Rules Education Program


which covered respect for the game, maintenance of our golf facilities, handicap compliance, and pace of play.


Producing these reminders provided an outlet for Arthur’s creative and playful side.

Arthur was intensely interested in improving his game and worked at it every day.  The resiliency of his attitude on the golf course was something special.  No matter what just happened, he was convinced that the next shot he was going to play would be his best shot ever.  This positive enthusiasm was contagious and made it a joy to spend time with him on the course.

When he wasn’t playing he would spend hours working on his game……


or talking about working on his game……..

Our kommunity service initiatives had a special place in Arthur’s heart.  Whether it was outings for the Wounded Veterans, a mentor day with First Tee Kids, or just raising money for worthy charities, he brought an infectious enthusiasm to everything we did.

He especially enjoyed time with the kids…showing support for their interest in the game


with a little encouragement, some fundamental pointers, and unbridled love.

For Arthur, golf with his buddies was as good as it gets.  He was a regular on destination golf trips and this is how most of us got to know him-his warmth, intelligence, and devotion to his friends.

Arthur loved the rhythm of a golf trip with friends…golf, eat, sleep, and golf some more.


No matter the conditions, he was all in on the experience.


Arthur didn’t mind rubbing elbows with celebrity either.


But most of all Arthur just liked hanging with his friends.


In the words of fellow Keeper Joe Baldinger, “Arthur was the quintessential sage old lawyer, low key, yet focused, golf competitor and all around kind and decent man. His passing does create a void in our band of golfers as he was a sterling character amongst a sea of tarnished individuals.”

More than anything, Arthur Blitz was our good friend and we will miss him.

There will be one less set of footprints in the dew laden fairways early in the morning, but we will hold in our hearts as a blessing the fond memories of him and of good times we spent together.

(Click to read the obituary for Arthur Blitz)

Keepers Golf and Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Kook-Out-2017

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For our third year running it was The Keepers great pleasure to sponsor an appreciation kook-out for the Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff.  We want to acknowledge the amazing efforts of Pete’s staff who prepare and maintain our courses as well as all the people who run the golf shop and stage, schedule, and administrate the first tee.  Their efforts allow Woodmont members to enjoy the finest golf experience in the DC Metro Area every day.

Adam got the Gold Tongs Award for brats and dogs….well done!!


Pete Wendt and Barry Forman were the emcees for the event

By Fox News count there were 70+ staff and members in attendance for today’s delicious kook-out.   The fare included brats, dogs, and burgers off the grill manned by Adam Suelflow, Matt Sumpter, and Pete Wendt and bar-b-que beef, chicken, and pork from Mission BBQ.  Pete’s specialty were the frozen pond cheeseburgers you can normally only get north of the border.  There were sides, fruit, and multi-media cookies for dessert.

Visiting dignitaries included Rich Sussman, Billy Burak, and Keith Eig


The long and winding food line…but the wait was worth it


Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff in serious consumption


The desserts kept everyone engaged til the end

For The Keepers community service commitment begins close to home and we are glad to be able to do this special event each year.  Woodmont provides a first rate  golf course and golf experience to all of our members and we are blessed to have such a committed staff of people supporting this effort every day.



Keepers Kup Finale 2017-Results

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The year-long race for the top spot in the Keepers X Season has been a close one and two of this year’s Lead Dogs ended up on the top of the heap when it was all said and done in today’s Keepers Kup Finale.  Paul “Pablo” Cohen edged out Artie “So Close I Could Taste It” Aronoff by a mere 90 points to claim the Keepers Kopper Kup for 2017.

In the Keepers Kup Finale Event it was the impressive play of Kevin “You Got To Have The Right Attitude” Bass and Howard “Havana Stogie” Wollner with a pair of net 69’s who took the top honors earning the Silver Kup and substantial Kash Sweeps to go with it.  With the North Course playing “Indian Summer Tough” they shot gross 39 and 40 respectively on the front side, their second nine, to reel in the top position.  Apparently Pete set the pins in kind positions as Kevin parred 5 of his last 6 holes and Stogie 4 of his last 6 down the stretch.  Tied third in the day’s kompetition with a couple of Net 70’s were “Kaptain” Keith Eig and Ronnie “I Have Seen The Light” Rosenberg.

With the Rusty Reset in place for the Finale, winning The Kup favors the top five guys in the standings who control their own destiny and only the guys in the top 12 going in can actually take the Keepers Kup.  Artie,  who has been coach up well all season by his team, gave it his all with a 73 net and a tie for 8th in the Finale but it proved a couple of shots shy of what was needed to catch Pablo.

Paul’s stellar play the last month-tied 3rd in the Keepers National Division of the Freudberg, 2nd in the Keepers Alt Shot Series with Harry Harrison, and a win in the Woodmont Member-Member with Mike Fisher vaulted him into the Lead Dog position going into the Finale and this proved enough to fend off field and claim The Kup.

The summary of all the day’s player exploits

Final Kup Standings and Prizes:

1st  Paul Cohen   Net 85   1st Kopper Kup and $500 Kup Sweeps

2nd Artie Aronoff  Net 73  2nd Kopper Kup and $350 Kup Sweeps

3rd Neal Bobys  Net 73  3rd Kopper Kup and $250 Kup Sweeps

4th Kevin Bass  Net 69  $175 Kup Sweeps and T-1st Finale Kup and $75 Finale Sweeps

5th Howard Wollner  Net 69  $125 Kup Sweeps and T-1st Finale Kup and $75 Finale Sweeps

6th Mike Fisher  Net 71 $125 Kup Sweeps

7th Rick Brecher NP  $75 Kup Sweeps

8th Alan Schwartz  Net 83  $50 Kup Sweeps

Keith Eig and Ronnie Rosenberg  T-3rd Finale- $25 Finale Sweeps each

(Click to see the full result sheet from today’s Keepers Kup Finale)

We raised another $745 through the generosity of those who participated in our 50/50 Raffle today to benefit our annual donation to the military charities.  There were four winning tickets picked by the lovely Ali, each winner took home $140 in kash.

Congratulations to Paul Cohen who will now have to get comfortable with his new title of “Keepers Kup Champion”.

Pablo Cohen-Kup Champion- holding his winning vessel

Special thanks to Father Konnor Farrel and his staff for their dedicated work in handling The Keepers affairs all season.


Keepers Alternate Shot Series Finals 2017 Results

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The Final Fore of the Keepers Alternate Shot Series is always a spirited affair as it pits four two-man teams against each other in a round-robin series of three 9-hole Alternate Shot Matches on the North Course to determine our Finest Foursomes Team for 2017.

Experience matters as the Cherner Automotive LLC of Herbie and Stewart was making it’s third straight appearance in this Final Fore Kompetition with the notion that this time they would get it right.  They had to face a formidable foe of Harry “Sifford” Harrison and Paul “I Got One Of These Already” Cohen as well as pesky challengers in the teams of Jimmy “My Fairway or the Highway” Polsky and Barry “Serenity” Minkoff and Mark “‘A’ Says It All” Goldstein and Randy “I Am Getting The Hang Of This” Weiss.


Stogie in mouth “Sifford” Harrison explains to the ball what he expects it to do


Partner Paul Cohen brought the experience of last year’s win to bear


In the first match the Cherner LLC handled the Goldstein-Weiss Konstellation 6 1/2 to 2 1/2 on the front to set an early tone.  Harrison-Cohen was not to be intimidated as they won the last four holes against Polsky-Minkoff on the way to a 6 to 3 win in their first match.  It was sizing up to be a two horse race.


M.A Goldstein issues a mighty edict off the 4th tee


Randy Weiss playing in front of his biggest fan on the 3rd Green


Jimmy thrashes an approach into the Par 5 third…..


….leaving Barry a putting chance to salvage a half but it just stays out….


The second match on the back of the North proved pivotal as the two leading teams faced off with only a 1/2 point separating them.  But hope was dashed early as the Cherner Group showed flawless Foursomes play winning the first three holes to break free and then put it on cruise control adding 3 1/2 points from 14 to 18 to win this match decisively 6 1/2 to 2 1/2.   Goldstein-Weiss slipped by with a 5 to 4 win over Polsky-Minkoff in the what was looking like the match for third.


Collaboration at work as Cherner-Cherner try to coax a birdie putt to drop on the 11th


With 9 holes left the Cherners were in kontrol……..

Cherner-Cherner  13    Harrison-Cohen  8 1/2    Goldstein-Weiss  7 1/2    Polsky-Minkoff  7

The final match went back to the front of the North and the Automotive Group wasted no time winning the first four holes over Polsky-Minkoff to get all four hands firmly around winning hardware. Playing hard for second Harry buried a 25-footer on the 7th to lock down that position for Harrison-Cohen at the end of the day with a 5 1/2 to 3 1/2 win over Goldstein-Weiss.

(Click to see the Alt Shot Series Final Scoresheet)


For Chico and Herbie Cherner third time proved to be the charm in the Alt Shot Series


The Final Tally:

1st Place  H. Cherner-S. Cherner   18 Points    $150 Sweeps   150 Kup Points

2nd Place  H. Harrison-P. Cohen  14 Points    $100 Sweeps  100 Kup Points

T-3rd Place J. Polsky-B. Minkoff  11 Points     $65 Sweeps      65 Kup Points

                       M. Goldstein-R. Weiss  11 Points     $65 Sweeps      65 Kup Points


Special thanks to Konn-Aire Farrell for his adept administration of the Final Fore Matches.




Keepers Kup Finale-2017

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The Keepers Kup Race for 2017 comes down to one more set of 18 holes of net kompetition for the honor of Keeper Golfer of the Year.  It will be held on the North Course on Saturday September 23rd with morning tee times from 8:35 to 10:15.

After the reset of the season long Keepers Kup Standings as of September 20th, everything will be on the line.  At the end of the day, the top eight players in the Keepers Kup Standings will collect serious sweeps and Kopper Vessels go to the top three in the Final Kup Standings.  There is also the day kompetition which awards a Silver Kup to the winner of the Keepers Kup Finale Event along with sweeps to the top three finishers in Saturday’s round.

Going into the Finale Event the top five in the Kup Standings kontrol their own destiny-if they win the Finale Event they win the Keepers Kup.  The top twelve in the standings going in can win the Keepers Kup with a little help from their friends.  Anyone playing in the Finale Event has a chance to move up into the top eight at the end of the day and kash in on the generous money sweeps for the year long kompetition.

(Click here to see the kurrent Keepers Kup Standings as of today)

Year Long Keepers Kup Prizes:

Kopper Trophies for the top three in the Keepers Kup Standings

Kash Sweeps- 1st $500, 2nd $350, 3rd 250, 4th $175, 5th $125, 6th 100, 7th $75, 8th 50

Keepers Kup Finale Prizes:

Silver Trophy for low net of the day

Kash Sweeps- 1st $100, 2nd 50, 3rd $25  (3 low nets of the day)

Charity Event:

Folds of Honor 2SMGA LogoSeparately we will have a voluntary Folds of Honor/SMGA/IDF Veterans Players Pool opportunity for kash prizes.  Half the money goes to the pool for our annual military charities donation and half goes to the winners.

It will be e a 50/50 raffle with four winning raffle tickets being picked from the Keepers bowl.   The tickets are $15 each or 3 for $40-buy as many as you want.  Remember half the money goes to the charities.  You do not have to be present at the Finale to play the 50/50 raffle-if you want in on this you can mail a check made out to “The Keepers” to the Commish and he will mail you back your raffle tickets.

Don’t miss out of the fun….sign up through the Keepers Kosher K below.

Click to register for the event
Sign Up Is Closed For This Event

Keepers Used Club Kollections

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Through the generosity of Keepers, Woodmont Members, and the Golf Shop the Keepers Second Time Around Used Club Program has compiled a nice kollection of used clubs, golf bags, accessories, and balls to donate to the military rehab programs in our area.  We have accumulated 10 to 15 sets of irons, 50 assorted drivers and woods, 10 wedges, 5 putters, 10 to 15 golf bags, 1000 golf balls, and 40 pieces of new Keepers Klothing to donate.

Through the help of Steve Greiner down at the Fort Belvoir Army Golf Facility we will pass these on to veterans who are participating in the rehab programs down at Fort Belvoir and a new program at Andrews Air Force Base.  We appreciate the help of Steve Keller, Moe Dweck, Konnor Farrell, and the men in the Starters Area for helping to marshal these donations.

Just a portion of the booty kollected to pass on to the vets


Community service involvement and support is one of the central pillars of The Keepers and we approach it from many angles.  This year, besides this Second Time Around Program, The Keepers have done the following:

Made a $1000 Donation to the Woodmont Employee Assistance Fund

Kollected over $2000 in donations for the First Tee Program of Greater Washington

Ran the First Tee Mentor Outing

Donated $200 to the Alzheimers Fund through the Women’s 9-Holers Event

Donating $200 to the Play For Pink through the Women’s 18-Holer Event

Underwriting the prizes for the Men’s Play for Pink Event in October

Underwriting the Greens and Golf Staff Annual Kook-Out

Making total donations of over $4000 to the SMGA-Wounded Vets, Folds of Honor, and IDF Wounded Vets through our Players Pools Events and a matching Keepers Donation

Over 50 Keepers, Staff, and Kids who participated in the Keepers First Tee Mentor Outing

Thanks so much to all the Keepers for helping us provide this support to worthy causes in our community.


Keepers Match Play-Battle Royale 2017

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After five months of kompelling kompetition the Keepers Match Play came down to three hardy bracket survivors playing the Battle Royale for the Match Play Championship.  As it should be, the quality of play and competitive banter was befitting of a Keepers Major Championship.

In the bracket championship matches two weeks earlier, Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz took out Marc Fink in a nail biter to win the Augusta Bracket.  Mike “Coach” Fisher snuck by the Lead Dog Artie Aronoff in extra holes to represent Erin Hills.  Kevin “Can I Press” Bass outwaited Mark S. Goldstein to advance to the final from the Royal Birkdale bracket.

The Kompetitors were all smiles on the first tee-Mike Fisher, Alan Schwartz, and Kevin Bass

The Battle Royale Final was played on the North Course on a glorious day as an Almost Skins 5-3-1 Match Format where the best net score on a hole earns the player 5 points, second best net score 3 points, and not so best net score 1 point.  Total points for the 18 holes is the Match Play Champion for 2017.  Bountiful Kash Sweeps, slick trophy plaques, and a bunch of Keepers Kup Points were on the line today.   Oh, did I mention Bragging Rights?

From the first hole on it was obvious that it would take very special play and maintained focus to win this day.  Coach Fisher saw what he was up against when he parred the first from the other first’s fairway only to see both Terp Station and the Press Man make par/net birdie to grab the early lead.  Undaunted Fisher made the first of his two natural birdies on the front with a 15-footer on the second to square up the match at 6 points each through two.  After all net birdies on three Kevin started to get his hands around the wheel with two net birdies on four and seven managing to build a three point lead (29-26-26) at the turn.

The Par 5 tenth was indicative of the kompetitive quality of the day’s golf as Fish and Terp Al made net birdies to knot the score at 30 points each heading for the eleventh tee.  Schwartz and Bass traded blows on the next two with net birdies respectively before Kevin somehow edged ahead over the next three to carry a 3 point lead to the 16th tee with the score Bass 48  Schwartz 45  Fisher 42.


The Big Terp, in fine form, was attacking the course all day

Kojak as Bagger Vance….why is his player holding all the clubs….a work in progress…


Coach Fisher just could figure out the dampened speeds with his wand today


Kevin’s unkonventional putting stroke worked reasonably well until the last three holes

The seminal play of the day came on the Par 3 16th.  With two opponent balls on the green in regulation Terp Station hit a peeler into the right greenside bunker-things were looking grim even though he was getting a stroke on the hole.  Kevin had 60 plus feet from the front edge to the back left pin and left it double digits short on the way to a bogie.  After a splendid iron shot off the tee, the Coach had it 15 feet under the hole on the right level but the uphill birdie putt wandered slightly at the end and he settled for par.  The Terpster hit the Sportcenter shot of the day…….Da Da Da…Da Da Da…….sticking his 60-foot bunker shot to kick-in range for a par/net birdie to grab the lead once again.

Tidying up for par/net birdie on the pivotal 16th after a heart stopping bunker play.

After a seventeenth hole that none of the kontestants would like to recall, the trio stepped on the final tee box with it all on the line-Schwartz 52-Bass 51-Fisher 50.  Any one of them could win which is kind of how it should be.

Kevin managed to find the left edge of the green from the heavy rough on the right so the gauntlet was dropped.  Terp Station sewed an amazing recovery hybrid from the dead grass on the tenth hole through a small opening in the trees to the foot of the upslope between the bunkers keeping hope alive.  Coach Fisher’s hopes were dashed by a tree limb on this second from the left trees leaving him no way to make better than bogie on a hole when both of the others got a shot.

It came down to putting as Kevin had another kross kountry putt with a six-foot break for a two-putt and the win.  The first one pulled up on the hand brake and stayed 12 feet above the hole and his fine second effort once again slipped by the edge leaving him a tap-in bogie/net par.  But would that be enough?

After lofting his third across the front bunker to the edge of the fringe below the hole, Alan had 25 feet left to traverse in 2 shots to claim the big enchilada.   Terp Station showed the same stoic resolve he had displayed all day stroking the first one to 3 feet 11 inches and, after a pep talk from counsel, buried what was left in the back of the hole for the net par that would hold his one point advantage and claim the Match Play Championship.

Kongratulations to all three guys….it was a match well played and a deserving champion emerged.  Special thanks to Brandon Caiola for his effort in administering this final.

Big smiles from The Champ and his valued advisor


(Click to see the full Scoring Sheet from the 2017 Battle Royale)


The final takeaways from this year’s Keepers Match Play were:

1st Place      Alan Schwartz  $300 Kash Sweeps and 600 Kup Points

2nd Place    Kevin Bass  $200 Kash Sweeps and 500 Kup Points

3rd Place     Mike Fisher $100 Kash Sweeps and 450 Kup Points

Tied4th          Marc Fink, Artie Aronoff, and Mark S. Goldstein $50 Kash Sweeps and 300 Kup Points