Keepers Pairs Alt Shot Match Play 2023

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PairsThe Keepers Pairs Alternate Shot Match Play two-man kompetition creates a series of kontests that pit guys of similar skill levels against each other in not-your-everyday two-man matches.  Just remember this is fun…as alternate shot is the “Love Story” format…..never having to say your are sorry.

The first 40 teams who register will be divided into 5 flights by handicap index range. This is do or die, win you go on, lose you go home.

It takes three match wins to take home the handsome winner’s trophy as well as Kash Sweeps for each match you win.

The intended flights are:

Boeing (3.9-10.4)       Cologuard (10.5-13)       Kitchen Aid (13.8-17.5)

Mitsubishi (17.6-22.4)         Timber Tech (22.7-34.2)

The handicap ranges for each flight are subject to change based on the handicap indexes of those who actually sign up.

In this kompetition the tees you play from in each match are dependent on your flight and the course we are playing.  Strokes are given based on the kompetitor’s handicaps as of the date of the match.  Winning a match gives each partner $25 Keepers Kash Sweeps and your team moves on to the next round.

Pairs Alt Shot Match Play Prizes (per man):

(5) Flight Winners get the handsome trophy and $50 in additional Kash Sweeps.

Once all the bracket champions are determined we will schedule a one afternoon Battle Royale among the 5 winners to identify our overall Keepers Pairs Alt Shot Match Play Champion for 2023.  All participants in the Battle Royale will earn additional Kash Sweeps.

Pairs Alt Shot Match Play Battle Royale Prizes (per man):

1st $100 in Kash Sweeps and a kollectable championship trophy

2nd $50 Kash Sweeps….3rd through 6th $25 Kash Sweeps

Please refer to this document to see the Pairs Alt Shot Match Play Completion Dates for each round.  If you are going to have trouble playing your first round by June 4th please do not sign up.  We do not grant any extension to these matches through the year.

Sign up now so you don’t get closed out of the Keepers Pairs Alt Shot Match Play.


Registration Is Closed.  If you want to play contact moe at


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Keepers Match Play 2023

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Match Play Thal Pebble 2022The Keepers Match Play is our longest running and most prestigious event on the Keepers schedule.  It takes four match wins to take home this handsome plaque and you score Keepers Kash Sweeps for every match you win as well.

The first 96 guys who register will be divided into 6 flights by handicap index range which will pit you against players of similar skill level in a win you go on, lose you go home format.  We will use your kurrent handicap index to determine your flight designation.

The kurrent flight handicap index ranges are:

Plantation  3.9 to 9.8     Riviera  10.2 to 12.2    Bay Hill  12.3 to 15.9

Austin 16 to 18.8          Harbour Town  19 to 24    Quail Hollow 24.7 to 34.2

These ranges are subject to drift based on who actually signs up for the kompetiton.

In this kompetition the tees you play from in each match is dependent on your flight and the course we are playing.  Strokes are given based on the two kompetitor’s handicaps as of the date of the match.  Winning a match gives you $25 in Keepers Kash Sweeps and you move on to the next round.   You play one match a month from April through August.  Please refer to this document to see the Match Play Kompletion Dates for each round.

Keep winning and the Kash Sweeps keep coming.

Match Play Prizes:

(6) Flight Winners get the handsome wood plaque and $50 extra in Kash Sweeps

Once all the bracket champions are determined we will have a Battle Royale among the 6 winners to identify our overall Keepers Match Play Champion for 2023.  All participants in the Battle Royale will earn additional Kash Sweeps.

Match Play Battle Royale Prizes:

1st $100 in Kash Sweeps and a kollectable championship trophy

2nd $50 Kash Sweeps….3rd through 6th $25 Kash Sweeps

If you are going to have trouble playing your first round by May 21st please do not sign up. We do not grant any extension to these matches through the year.

Sign up soon so you don’t get closed out of this year’s Keepers Match Play.


Registration Full-Contact Moe 


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Keepers Golf & Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Lunch 2022

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This year’s Keepers Golf & Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Lunch was more like a World Cup Watch Party with Christmas decorations.  It was once again catered by Mission Bar-B-Que which meant there was plenty of smoked brisket, pulled pork and chicken, cornbread, coleslaw, beans, and mac n’ cheese to satisfy the crowd.

Mission Barbque

Greens and Grounds, Golf Shop and First Tee Staff, and a bunch of Keepers were there to watch the Brazil vs Croatia World Cup Match on the big screen.  In spite of what you might guess the partisanship was evenly split (probably a function of the office pool riding on the outcome).  When Croatia scored the tying goal in the second overtime the outburst was nuclear-it felt like we were in a sports bar in Zabgreb.

Watch Party

Crowd 1

Golf Staff 2
Ryan Hiles, Cody Sterner, Lisa Barton, Cathy Amelink, and Alejandro Balocchi


Keepers Craig Goodman, Frank Crantz, Billy Burak, Rich Greenberg, and Ryan Severidt


Kojak and Dorn
Kojak and Double D catering conversation about mac n’ cheese and corn bread


Joel and Ryan
Some business talk….Joel Weiman and Ryan Severidt conjuring up some diabolical green complex for the New South

For The Keepers community service commitment always begins close to home. We are pleased to continue this annual tradition to thank our Greens & Grounds/Golf Staff for everything they do to enhance our golf experience every day.  A special thank you to Wanda Houser who coordinates everything for this luncheon from ordering the food, delivery, and prep for the masses.

BTW, Croatia beat Brazil on penalty shots after the second overtime!!!!!


Keepers Klothing 2023

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The Keepers Kollection for 2023 has been assembled by our fashion coordinators and is now on display in the Golf Shop TV Room for your review.

This year we are keeping it simple but practical….a koncept that is valuable for people our age.  Who hasn’t been out on the course just to have the wind kick up and drop the temperature enough to konsider another layer.  Or worse, one of those sudden spring cloud bursts that kall for instant waterproof protection since you are not going in as long as you are two-up in the match. 

To meet these needs we are providing you with Footjoy’s HydroLite Short Sleeve Wind/Rain Shirt constructed from advanced technology-packed materials that deliver 100% waterproof, breathable protection in cool, windy, and rainy conditions (their words not mine).  You also get our custom embroidered light grey performance baseball hat bearing a kitchen cabinet of logos- The Keepers est. 2008 patch on the front, Woodmont Golf on the side, and a klever kollage celebrating The Loop-North-South golf facilities on the back.  Every Keeper gets these two items for their wardrobe as part of the Annual Keepers Fee for 2023.

Footjoy Performance Outerwear

Three Man Shot  

FJ Performance Outerwear makes some of the finest wind resistant and waterproof product in the industry.  You probably have a DryJoy Tour LTS Keepers rain jacket in your closet which you got back in 2018 that has served you well.  This short sleeve piece is even more versatile then that one because it can neatly remain packed in your golf bag so it is available at a moments notice as the weather changes out on the links.

This stylish classic fit, meaning it is meant to work for vintage patrons, has smart looking color inserts that will be complimentary for all body types.  Featuring multi-layer tech construction that stretches, breathes, and is waterproof, it comes with a two-year FootJoy guarantee behind it.  1/4 Zip neck opening is easy to get on and off in a hurry.  Two concealed pockets will shelter your valuables  and all seams are heat sealed for maximum waterproof protection.  

If you would like to purchase an additional wind/rain shirt we will charge your Woodmont account $100 for the extra piece.  An additional Baseball Hat will cost you $20.  Just indicate that you want extra pieces when you submit your selections of the items you have coming to you as part of your annual fee.

FJ Hydrolite Wind/Rain Shirt Black/Charcoal Herringbone Print

Black Charcoal Full Shot


Black Detail

FJ Hydrolite Wind/Rain Shirt Solid Red With Black Insert


Red Full Shot

Red Detail

FJ Hydrolite Wind/Rain Shirt Solid Indigo With Navy Insert

Indigo Full Shot

Indigo Detail

(Note: The brighter tone in this close up is the true Indigo with Navy Insert color you will get)


Pick from (3) kolor kombinations-Black/Charcoal Herringbone, Red w/Black Inset, Indigo w/Navy Inset

-2-year waterproof guarantee

-2.5 layer construction in stretchable, waterproof, breathable fabric with plenty of room

-Easily packable

-1/4 zip with white trimmed waterproof zipper

-2 koncealed side pockets for goodies 

-Seams sealed throughout to keep out the moisture

-100% polyester fabric

-Classic Fit

-Keepers K Logo in white on left chest

-Sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Grey Performance Baseball Hat

Keepers Hat 2023


Keepers Hat 2023 Art

-Light Grey

-Tech performance fabric lightweight, breathable, and wicks moisture away

-Unstructured low sweep profile with hook and loop closure on back adjustable to all sizes

-The Keepers 2008 patch on front and Woodmont Logo on side

-Bonus- The Loop-North-South embroidery on the back

-One Size Fits All



For your konvenience we have sample sizes in the three kolors of  FootJoy Performance Wind/Rain Shirts to try on in the golf shop so you can stop in and make your choice.  

Otherwise you can shop from the images in this posting.  Please verify by email your kolor/size selection of the FootJoy Performance Wind/Rain Shirt  to so we can update our order with your preferences.

Either way, we would appreciate your attention to making your klothing selection in the next 30 days as we need to submit our orders to our vendors just after New Years to insure prompt delivery in the Spring.


The Keepers Registration 2023

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The sixteenth year of The Keepers is in for a bit of a facelift.  We are slimming down the program profile a tinch to make it a bit more manageable but we promise it will still deliver plenty of opportunity for fun with your friends that you have come to expect.

The Keepers Season will be anchored by of our two signature year-long kompetitions, The Keepers Match Play and The Keepers Pairs Alt Shot Match Play.  We will also have five individual full-field Keepers events, about one a month from April through August, with designated tee times featuring innovative formats to be held on Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings.  Our season will konclude with a spanking new 36-man team event called the Keepers Loop Invitational to be held in late September on our new Par 3 facility.  This should bring back festive memories of The Keepers Kolor Wars of years past.

We are increasing the Kash Sweeps payouts for all of our Keepers events, extending prizes to the top 8 finishers rather then the top 5 in each division as has been our tradition.  Most of these events will have separate American and National Divisions based on handicap indexes with separate prizing and all will allow participants the option of playing from two different tees in each division with corresponding event handicaps based on your tee of choice. 

This year there will be kash sweeps paid out for every match win in the two year-long match play kompetitions.  The Loop Invitational will be laden with plenty of kash sweeps winnings for individual as well as team performances.  Overall the Kash Sweeps payouts for the year will be $12,500, up over 20% from last year.

Registration for the two year-long match play kompetitions will go out by email in January and sign-ups for the monthly Keepers Events will be emailed about two weeks before each one.  Kualifying for the Keepers Loop Invitational will be based on your year long performances in all of our Kepeers events-so it will behoove you to play often and play well.

Keepers Kommunity Service Initiatives will continue, supporting charities like The First Tee, Friends of the IDF Vets, SMGA-Wounded Veterans, and Links To Freedom with annual donations.  Closer to home we will support the Woodmont Employees Assistance Program, our annual Greens and Grounds/Golf Staff kook-out, Alzheimer’s Event, and Morgan Pressel Breast Cancer Event.  We hope to add an outside speakers event for our members as well.  

The major change for 2023 is we will no longer have our year-long Keepers Kup Kompetitions.  Though you will be encouraged to play in Woodmont golf events like Opening Day, Member Guest, Two-Man Team,  Senior Championship, Couples Events and the like, there will no longer be Keepers Kup Points for participating or finishing in the top five of these events.  There will no longer be Keepers Kup Points for play in our Keepers events either, strictly Keepers Kash Sweeps for top eight division performers in our events.  This eliminates having to track these Keepers play in these Woodmont events or keep up standings throughout the year.

The Keepers fee for the year remains the same $380, which will be billed to your Woodmont account at the beginning of the 2023 golf season.  This will fund our annual budget that pays for our event prizes and hardware, Keepers Klothing for each member, our support of worthy organizations through our Kommunity Service Initiatives, and other initiatives through the year.  

Please click on The Keepers Gavel below to register your participation in The Keepers for 2023.


Keepers and Gavel
Registration Closed-Call Moe


(Click to see who has registered for The Keepers for 2023)

Keepers Year In Review 2022

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2022 American Kup Trophies

The fifteenth year of the Keepers came to a close in mid-September as Phil Schulman and Ray Thal won the year-long Keepers Kups in the American and National Divisions with late season performances that left the fields shaken and not stirred.  Rich Greenberg and Steve Keller put up strong challenges and will be sipping juleps celebrating with their second place hardware.

2022 National Kup Trophies

As you can read through the Keepers Year In Review link below it was a successful year all around.  We had 122 Keepers playing 18 events playing 800 kompetitive rounds along the way.  Keepers Kash Sweeps in excess of $10,700 were shared by 64 of those guys with over 25 different names appearing at the top of the heap across all the events.  Through our kommunity service initiatives we supported worthy local and national causes with over $15,000 of charitable activity.

Special thanks to Cody Sterner and the golf staff for all the help they provided in running our events through the year.  Most important, thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm and participation in making this Keepers Kampaign another one to remember.  


Keepers and Gavel
Click to see Keepers Year In Review



Keepers Kup Playoffs Zoysia Phase 2022-Results

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Keepers KupThe Keepers Kampaign came to a glorious konclusion on a beautiful Indian summer day on our North Course as we witnessed kompelling play across a field of 40 kompetitors.

Two worthy champions were krowned today, Phil “Moses” Schulman and Ray “You Can Call Me..” Thal, who dominated their American and National Divisions respectively over the last two months of the season.

Phil Schulman Kup and Lead Dog
Phil has his hands full with media appearances based on very konsistent performances across all genres this year.

Ray Thal Kup
Ray klearly takes to the kompetitive kauldron as witnessed by his stunning performance in the Bent Phase to put a hammer lock on the National’s Kopper Kup

The American Division filled out the top five spots with Rich “Kojak” Greenberg, Barry “The Barrister” Haberman, Arnie “20/20” Miller, and Len “The Plumber” Goldman.

Keepers Kup American Division 2022

The Nationals saw drama down to the wire as Steve “So What Are We Playing For” Keller slid into second place followed by Neal “I Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys, Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz, and Arthur “Getting The Hang Of This” Dubin.

Keepers Kup National Division 2022

The Zoysia Phase fostered only three guys breaking par today so it took focus and a hot putter to bring home the Kup Points and Sweeps for the final event.

In the American Division Arnie “20/20” Miller and Moe “Kommish” Dweck bested the field by 5 shots on the way to a pair of Gross 81-Net 69’s to take top honors.  Arnie slammed his foot to the floor in the final lap with birdie-birdie-par on the last three holes.  Moe put an early round hiccup behind him carding a birdie and ten pars and playing one-over for the last six holes.  Allen Zweig and Phil Malet tied third with Net 74 and Marc Birnbaum, Paul Cohen, and Rick Payes klosed out the American money with Net 75.

Zoysia Phase American Results 2022

Steve Keller knew what he was playing for as he won the National Division by 5 furlongs with a Gross 81-Net 67.  This was an end-to-end performance with pars on the first three and last three holes and a total of 11 pars and a birdie worthy of top money.  Steve Gordon and Mark A. Goldstein took second with Net 72s, followed by a troupe at 73 that included Ray Thal, Neal Bobys, Bobby Fogel, and Alan Schwartz.

Zoysian Phase National Results 2022

Kongratulations to our Keepers Kup Champions and the top finishers in the two divisions as well as our winners in the Zoysia Phase.

Special thanks to Cody for all of his efforts across the year in helping herd the kats and administer our Keepers Season.

Click to see full field results

Keepers Kup Playoffs Bent Phase 2022-Results

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Keepers KupThe kompletion of the first phase of the Keepers Kup Playoffs officially brings us to the final turn and the home stretch drive for the two Kopper Kups.  The second phase will determine the final rankings and prize/kash sweeps payouts in year-long Keepers Kup Standings.

In the Bent Phase American Division it was a very tight race for the top five spots.  Barry “The Barrister” Haberman handled his business with an eagle on 3 and birdies on 5 and 6 on this way to a fine Gross 76-Net 68 to win the division by a kouple of shots.  Alan “Lowl” Levine took second with an impressive Net 70.  There were four tied at Net 71 including Artie “The Sundance Kid” Aronoff, Marc “Fine Grind” Birnbaum, Jeff “My Aim Is True” Cossman, and Peter “Through The Looking” Glass to share third.

Bent Phase American Results 2022

The National Division was a fireworks show with the top five finishers all in the 60’s.  The brightest of them all was Ray “You Can Call Me..” Thal who karded a kareer Gross 77-Net 66 to take top honors.  After a slow start on the first three Ray birdied 4, 5, and 6 for a front nine trifecta.  Adding another birdie on 13 he then hit every green and took two putts coming down the last four holes even par.  Second went to Bobby “Jack LaLanne” Fogel who shot a superb Net 67.  Two tied third as Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman and Steve “Nitro” Gordon came in with Net 68s.  Tied fifth at Net 69 were Neal “I Found My Stroke” Bobys, Arthur “Getting The Hang Of This” Dubin, and Mark “Acute” Engel.

Bent Phase National Results 2022

There are only 18 holes left to determine the final rankings in the American and National Divisions-kompelling stuff!!!

Click to see full field results

Keepers Pairs Match Play Results 2022

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PairsThe Keepers Pairs Match Play was an add to our schedule this year.  We took 40 Two-Man teams and had them competing head-to-head in 5 brackets based on handicap ranges.  As with our Keepers Match Play this kompetition was single elimination-win your team goes on, lose your team goes on sabbatical.

Each team would have to win three matches against like kompetition in order to take home the Keepers Kup Points,  Kash Sweeps, and a sporty trophy yet to be determined.

The result was four months of Keepers Pairs Match Play fraught with anxiety, deep exhales, and knuckle high fives.  At the end of the day five championship teams were still standing.

Bortz Stein

Seminole Bracket

Winner-       Howie Stein-Jon Bortz                      $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Brian Fein-Don Fisher                      $50 Kash Sweeps each

Dweck Goldman

Royal Liverpool Bracket

Winner-       Moe Dweck-Len Goldman              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Don Greenberg-Rich Greenberg     $50 Kash Sweeps each

Schulman Miller

National Golf Links Bracket

Winner-       Phil Schulman-Arnie Miller              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Peter Glass-Lew Selis                       $50 Kash Sweeps each

Green Benson

L.A.C.C. Bracket

Winner-       Dave Benson-Micah Green              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Alan Schwartz-Mark Engel              $50 Kash Sweeps each


Royal Lytham/St. Annes Bracket

Winner-       Bernie Greenbaum-Ron Greenbaum   $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Rick Brecher-Mark A. Goldstein           $50 Kash Sweeps each

Click Here To See The Detail On The Pairs Match Play In Any Bracket

Kongratulations to Bracket Champions and thanks to all 80 Keepers who made this kompetition hum.

Keepers Kup Playoffs-Zoysia Phase 2022

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Keepers Kups 2021Well it all comes down to this…one more round for a chance to add this shiny hardware to your bookshelf. 

One round of net medal play using 90% course handicaps with Kash Sweeps and Keepers Kup Points awarded to top finishers in the American and National Divisions and all the extras for the top finishers in the Year-Long Keepers Kup Kompetitions.

In spite of the name the Zoysia Phase will be played on the North Course Friday September 9th with scheduled tee times between 8:05 and 10:25 am.  Americans play the Gold or Gold Green Combo Tees-Nationals play the Gold/Green Combo or Green Tees.

Sign up for the final event of the Keepers Kampaign by clicking on the Kosher K below.


Keepers Kup Playoff Prizes:

Zoysia Phase Winners (each division):

          Kash Sweeps: 1st-$120, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$80, 4th $60, 5th $40

          Keepers Kup Points:  1st (300), 2nd (200), 3rd  (150), 4th (100), 5th (50)

Year-Long Keepers Kup Winners (each division):

          Kash Sweeps: 1st-$200, 2nd-$150, 3rd-$125, 4th-$75, 5th $50

          Kopper Keepers Kup Trophy for each division winner and runner-up


Registration Is Now Closed


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