Keepers Travel Gallery

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The Keepers Logo continually wends it’s way around the planet as our faithful travel with friends and spouses to distant destinations in pursuit of one more check-off from the personal travel bucket list.

This gallery celebrates the seeding of the Keepers Word to new, potentially unrevealed bastions of Keeperdom.  It is amazing how appropriate Keepers Klothing has proven to be in all climates and ecosystems as you can witness below.

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Keepers Pinehurst Glenmorangie 2017-Results

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The Pinehurst Glenmorangie introduced a new two-man format to the Keepers schedule which blended a bit of Scramble and a hint of Alternate Shot into an original dynamic single malt product.  Picking their own partners, not always the way in Keepers events, the guys had to hit their drives, swap balls for the second shot, and then pick the best result to play the rest of the way into the hole alternate shot.

This presented a distinctly different gestalt then the Alternate Shot we have played in the past and the formula for winning proved different as well.  The Par 3’s were the pivot point because if you could put two tee balls on the green then you had two putts for birdies under the scramble portion of the hole.  The par 5’s on the other hand became survival holes when any hiccup in the approach shots could mean a bogie and a squandered sub-par net opportunity on a likely stroke hole.

Kaptin Keith Eig and Billy “I like the first cut” Burak made 8 pars and 3 birdies on their way to posting a 75 net 68 early in the returns.  In was an unusual turn of events as Kaptain Keith deferred to the circumstantial adept putting of Billy B at a number of key junctures along the way.  Two-over gross on the three par fives might have been a serious chink in their armor.

The team of Marc “The Bronx Bantam” Fink and Arnie “20/20” Miller also turned in a marvelous round of net 68 with 9 gross pars of their own.  Once again three over on the five pars gained them no ground on the net score.

But it really didn’t matter as these two teams were playing second fiddle together to what came next.

Here is the the full distilling of the day’s batch productions

Making a Two-Man Reunion Tour ,Marc “You cannot outwork me” Birnbaum and Herbie “The ageless wonder” Kushner brought the band back together to put on an encore performance to remember.  With complementary driving and approach play they shot a gross 75 and net 62 to vanquish the competition.  9 gross pars and 3 birdies including a one-under performance across the critical Par 3s proved unbeatable.

Nothing close to a bad score on this card…including a 5-under net run in the first six holes!

The teams of Howard “ATM” Wollner and Tom “Sizzlin” Burne and Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz and Neal “I am there for you buddy” Freed shot net 69 and 70 to finish 4th and 5th respectively.  Until about 10:45 last night Alan was not leavin’ the station because his partner Mike Selis suddenly went on the IR, but Neal was the late addition and it proved to be a sound and fruitful development.

The Prizes (per man):

1st Place at Net 62  Marc Birnbaum/Herbie Kushner  300 Kup Points and $100 Kash Sweeps

T-2nd Place at Net 68  Keith Eig/Billy Burak and Arnie Miller/Marc Fink 175 Kup Points and $40 Kash Sweeps

4th Place at Net 69  Howard Wollner/Tom Burne 100 Kup Points

5th Place at Net 70  Alan Schwartz/Neal Freed 50 Kup Points

All should raise their glasses for a toast to this dynamic duo’s Net 62!!!



Kasper’s Walk-Team 5-Club 2017-Results

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Last night’s 5-Club 9-hole event was a Two-Man Team format….it just wasn’t until after the nine was done that the teams were chosen.  This made for a bit of a frat house atmosphere in the Men’s Card Room as 16 Keepers koalesced with individual net scorecards in hand to facilitate a two-man team best ball net competition through the unpredictable blind draw of partners.

The prize team picks from the Keepers Sack were going to be the top three finishers in the individual net kompetition of the Kash Game.  Randy “5-Club Stud” Weiss just blew away the field with a gross par round on the front of the North that translated into Net 29 to win the top kash prize.  Second at Net 33 was Alan “His Train Has Arrived At Terp Station” Schwartz and third was Howard “Stogie” Wollner at Net 34.

Weiss’s Net 29 on the front of the North was downright Spieth-ian as he parred 1, 2, and 3 and then played 4 through 9 seven-under par.

Randy Weiss’s individual winning card was the prize lottery pick!

That was with 5-Clubs!!!     Talk about being in the zone!

Once we started to draw names for partners and the posting of scores for the Team Best Ball the banter got loud and the room got downright rowdy.

Allen Zweig and Richard Haskin were the first two names out of the sack and to everyone’s surprise their Net 35 held up for Fifth Place Points tied with two other pairs.  Next came Marc Birnbaum who rode Alan Schwartz’s individual score like a fine steed, but contributed a critical par on #7 to get them to 31 Net and Second Place.  Shortly thereafter Gary Faigen pulled Stogie Wollner’s name out of the sack and they did a fine Virtual Ham n’ Egg turning Howard’s 34 into a net 32 to win Third Place all alone.

The Tale Of The Tape

It came down to the next to the last pick of the night-you could have cut the anticipation in the air with a butter knife.  Mark A. Goldstein sifted the last three names in the sack and his personal Fickle Finger of Fate pulled Randy’s name as his partner.  Being familiar with each other from the Alt-Shot Series, where they are the clubhouse leading pair going into that Final Fore, Mark A. just smiled his way through the figuring of their Best Ball score with nine Atta Boy Randy’s and they claimed top Kup Points and Sweeps with a Net 29.

This left Neal Bobys and Ron Hirschel literally holding the bag but finishing Fourth with Net 33.

Team Prizes per man:

1st Place- Net 29  Randy Weiss/Mark A. Goldstein  150 Kup Points and $100 Kash Sweeps

2nd Place- Net 31 Marc Birnbaum/Alan Schwartz  120 Kup Points and $50 Sweeps

3rd Place- Net 32 Gary Faigen/Howard Wollner 90 Kup Points and $25 Sweeps

4th Place- Net 33 Neal Bobys/Ron Hirschel  60 Kup Points

5th Place- Net 35 Most of the rest of the field….a generous 10 Kup Points

Randy points the way and supportive Mark A. follows..

The Kasper’s Walk Blind Draw approach was super entertaining and will certainly find it’s way back into the Keeper’s Schedule in another iteration down the road.


First Tee Mentor Outing 2017

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As has become a Woodmont tradition, The Keepers will hold our annual First Tee Mentor Outing on Tuesday August 8th from 11 to 3 pm.  This is a fun day of “being a grandparent” to 36 wonderful kids who will participate from the Greater Washington DC First Tee Programs.  The kids age from 8 to 17 but all share two things in common-they love golf and know how to comport themselves in a golfing environment.

The Volunteers/Mentors who made this event special for the kids in 2016

We invite Keepers and All Woodmont Members to be a volunteer/mentor  and help us run this awesome event.

Separately anyone can make a donation through their Woodmont account to sponsor a kid for this event for just $50.  The full proceeds of these sponsorships will go to a donation to The First Tee Of Greater Washington.




Woodmont Members can support The First Tee programs with a sponsorship donation by clicking below

Click to Sponsor a kid with a $50 donation to the First Tee of Greater Washington





Keepers and Woodmont Members can participate as a volunteer/mentor by clicking below

Sign up to volunteer for the event
Click to Volunteer for the event




The outing begins at 11 am with a series of clinics on the range and in the Sidney Harman Short Game area.  Woodmont Staff will run the clinics and all you have to do as a volunteer is be supportive and lend a mentoring hand when needed.  A picnic lunch with the kids from around 12:30 to 1:oo in front of the Golf Shop is then followed by some golf when we take them out for four holes of real mentor time on the course.  It all wraps up around 3:00 pm.


Some action shots from the 2016 First Tee Mentor Celebration

Kommander Farrell has them warming up for the action
Chipping and Pitching instructon with Trill
Konnor and Harriet observing true putting prowess
For the First Tee Kids this is what is is all about!


Come join us for the event… will be amazed what this First Tee Program does for these kids and what spending an afternoon with these refreshing young people will do for you.

The staff, volunteers, and kids from the Greater Washington First Tee in 2016


Keepers Pinehurst Glenmorangie 2017

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The next full field Keepers event will be a new one for us as we are always searching for new platforms of golf fun.  The Keepers Pinehurst Glenmorangie is a “Pinehurst Scotch” format that blends Scramble and Alternate Shot elements into an entertaining Two-Man Team Kompetition.

You get to choose your partner for this one so think about it who you might want to play with before you sign up.

This event will be played on Sunday August 6th with tee times from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. on the South Course.  There is a team handicap calculated with the USGA Formula for these type of events and it is based on each partners 80% course handicap on the South for the tees he will be playing.  Team Handicap will be the sum of 60% of the lower handicap partner’s handicap and 40% of the higher handicap partner’s handicap.

The rules are quite simple:

A. Both golfers on the team hit drives.

B. They walk forward to their balls, but then switch balls for the second shot.  Partner A hits Partner B’s ball, Partner B hits Partner A’s ball.

C. After the second shot they compare the results and select the ball to play on with picking up the other.

D. From the third stroke on they play alternate shot, based on who hit the last shot they choose, until the ball is holed.

E. Strokes on each hole are applied based on the team handicap to get a Net Score.

That is the Keepers Pinehurst Glenmorangie-hit drives, switch balls for the second shot, pick up the worse ball, and play alternate shot into the hole.  This should play rapidly if you limit consultation on the alternate shots to 9 seconds (which is more than adequate for players of Keepers ability).

Prizes Per Man:

Keepers Kash Sweeps: 1st-$100, 2nd-$50, 3rd-$25

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (300), 2nd (200), 3rd  (150), 4th (100), 5th (50)

This is a great opportunity to seek some personal golf tranquility and enhance your Kup Standings Position/Sweeps Balances.

Remember you can pick your own partner if you choose….just hit the Glenmorangie Logo below to sign up.

Registration for this event is closed

Kasper’s Walk-Team 5-Club 2017

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As a reboot of the Keepers 5-Club that got cancelled this week, we are holding “Kasper’s Walk” as an updated replacement version.  As is the case with all technology the new and improved version has an updated Operating System and a Reformatted Hard Drive.  Keepers management can never leave well enough alone.

This time Keepers will play the front of the North with 5 clubs of their choice.  Play on the Odd Holes will be from the Blue Tees and the Even Holes from the White Tees.  Those qualifying for the Green Tee Option play the Odd Holes from the Gold Tees and the Even Holes from the White Tees.  All players get 100% course handicap from the Blue Tees and play their own ball for low net score.

The new wrinkle is that it is a Two-Man Best Ball Kompetition but you don’t know who your partner is until after you are done.  We will konvene after golf in the Men’s Locker TV Room for a Blind Ghost pick of the partners from the Keepers Kap and festive tabulation and posting of the team scores and winners.  Dinner off the menu will be available in the TV Room.

This event will be held on Thursday July 27th with a shotgun start at 5:00 PM on the North Course so we all can finish together.

Plenty of Kash Sweeps and Kup Points are on the line.

Prizes Per Man:

Keepers Kash Sweeps:  1st-$100   2nd-$50   3rd- $25

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (150), 2nd (120), 3rd (90), 4th (60), 5th (30)

There will also be a Voluntary Kash Game available for those who want a bit more skin in the game.  $10 entry-half the money goes to the charity the other half to prize the top individual net scores for the 9 holes.

Sign up for a fun evening of golf and eventualities by klicking on the Kasper’s Image below.

Event Registration Closed


Woodmont Club Championships 2017-Results

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The traditional July 4th weekend Woodmont Match Play Club Championships were kontested in hot and sultry conditions this year.  Lots of new faces finished with the trophies in hand in the Championship and Flighted Divisions as the quality of play over the three days was as hot as the temperature in the shade.

Twenty-one players, including two Keepers, tried to qualify for the 16 spots in the Championship Flight.  Low medalist, representing the young and capable, was Jack Klein who finished the 27 holes at 119.  Keith Eig and Mike Fisher from our troops made it through to the round of 16 to earn an extra 100 Kup Points each before falling in the first round.

From the Qualifying Medalist to the Match Club Champion, Jack Klein etched his name on the winning hardware with consistent solid play.

The Championship Flight final 36-hole match on Sunday was between young Jack Klein and the seasoned veteran Larry Jacobs.  On the opening 18 on the zoysia Jack jumped out to an early lead winning 5 of the first 7 holes.  It settled down to a sparing match the rest of the outward 18, as they traded holes and Jack took a 6-up lead into the inward 18 on the bent.  After a birdie on the first Jack looked like he was in total command at 7-up, but the L. J. showed his fight as he chiseled the lead back to to just 2-up at the turn going into the final nine holes.  Jack righted the ship winning 10 through 12 and cruised to a 5 & 4 victory and his first Woodmont Match Play Club Championship.

The Keepers were well represented in the flighted championship which included 19 of our members in the 32 players across four handicap flights.   When the top dressing settled Sunday afternoon three of the four winners were Keeper brothers.

In the First Flight Artie “You Got Our Full Attention” Arnonoff continued his solid play besting Billy Burak and Michael Levy in the first two matches before falling 2 & 1 to Howie Stein in the final.

Len “The Plumber” Goldman took out Frank Broner, Tom Burne, and Jonathan Lerner on the way to kapturing the Second Flight Championship trophy.

The Third Flight saw Ronnie “All Smiles” Rosenberg beat Steve Melman and Michael Peacock before outlasting Herbie “The Fountain of Youth” Kushner 2 & 1 in final.

The Fourth Flight was almost a total Keeper affair and Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz had to beat Mark A. Goldstein, Ron Hirschel, and Rick “Lead Dog” Brecher on the way to take the top prize in this flight.

Congratulations to all the Keepers who participated in this year’s Woodmont Club Championships.  There was substantial movement in the Keepers Kup Standings as a result of the “Major” Kup Points earned by these fine performances.