Keepers Rules Education Initiative

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USGA and R and A Rules logoAs part of the Keepers Seven Kampaign we are running a year-long initiative to educate the full Woodmont membership in the rules of the game and their responsibility in shepherding fair competitions in all Woodmont and Keepers events.

Under the guidance of the trusted rules consulting firm of Friedson, Zweig, and Dweck a library of circumstantial rules have been compiled in a colorful and readable format. We will be introducing a rule a week to all participants in golf events at the club through the season.

USGA Rules of Golf BookFlyers will be distributed at the events and posted at solemn matriculation stations throughout the club. The Double-D Staff will support these with brief Q & A conversations of these rules and reminders of the player’s responsibility to protect the field and implement correct rules adherence within their foursomes.



The process begins at Opening Day with a brief overview of:

Signing and Attesting A Scorecard

The rule of the week flyers will be emailed to our members and be posted on this website for your reference under the link to your right called Keepers Rules Education.


Freaky taking complete relief
Freaky taking complete relief
Housekeeping loose implements in your line
Housekeeping loose implements in your line
Problematic, landing on a moveable obstruction
Problematic, your ball landing on a moveable obstruction


The hope is that recognition of the proper implementation of the rules will become part of the fabric of all golf competitions at Woodmont.  All who play will benefit from knowledge of these rules and the sense of fair play in “protecting the field” by policing all participants respect for the Rules of Golf.

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