Keeper of the Month/Lead Dog-April 2014

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It what can only be characterized as total Keeper domination, Steve “The Simple Country Dentist” Keller has made The Keepers Sweep in April winning the Keepers Pro-Schmo, Woodmont’s Opening Day, and the Par Three Championship garnering 975 Keepers Kup points, the Keeper of the Month sweeps, and the Yellow Lead Dog Headcover in our first month of kompetitions.

This can best be explained as a reaction to Steve’s disappointing third place finish in his Streamsong Trip in late March. So we have AB Blitz to blame for this circumstance and the resultant vengeance the Country Dentist has plied to the rest of us.

His sidekick Mike “WWW/The Car Collector” Weber is in second with 725 kup points drafting the Doc with wins at Opening Day and the Par Three. They will collect $50/$25 respectively in kash sweeps for the effort.

We are having Steve fitted for a large perrywinkle Kosher K target he will be required to wear the rest of the season.

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