Tuesday Two-Ball-Alternate Shot

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The next Keepers event is a Tuesday Two-Ball (2-man Alternate Shot) on May 20th with a shotgun start at 4:45.  You can pick your own partner or leave it to our Shitach Kommittee to arrange it for you.   This is true alternate shot-you and your pard will alternate who drives on the odd and even holes.  A team handicap which is the average of 80% of your two individual  handicaps on the course to be determined.  The strokes you get then are assigned to the scorecard holes by handicap hole order.

Tee off as one and we will get in as many of the 18 holes as we can before dusk.  This is a Net All-Star Nine competition so you will choose your team’s best net (2) par fives, (2) par threes, and (5) par fours of the holes you played.

Keepers Kup Points for the low five teams and Keepers Kup Sweeps for the low three teams.  This is a chance to pad your Kup Standings and Sweeps account.  So pick a pard and sign up.

If you want to designate a partner please email moedweck@comcast.net after you both sign up for the event.

Click on the Kosher K to register on line for this event.

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