Tuesday Keepers/Young Guns 4-Club

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On Tuesday June 24th The Keepers and Young Guns will run a collaborative afterwork 9-hole 4-Club event with tee times from 5 to 6 p.m.  The teams will be blended members from the two groups playing a net best ball with 90% of their handicaps.  The 4-club format is always fun where each player will designate 4 clubs they can use during the round (no sharing clubs between team mates)-the putter is considered a club if you choose to take it with you. This takes a little forethought in picking your implements so plan accordingly.

Entry fee is $10 kash per man-all the money will go to pay off the top three winning teams.  There will also be Keepers Kup Points to the top five finishing Keepers.

(Click on the Kosher K to sign up for the event)



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