Match Play Club Championship-Results

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Woodmont LogoIn the second Major of the season The Keepers had high profile representation (about 50% of the competitors) throughout the flights of the Match Play Club Championship.

From our ranks there were three flight winners in Kevin On The Move Bass,  Paul PC Cohen, Monroe The Professor Brett and four flight bridesmaids in Len The Plumber Goldman, John Freak-a-dilia Friedson, Neal Always In The Money Bobys, and Ronnie Clean Green Greenbaum.  Mike Fisher and Kaptin Keith Eig both qualified for the Championship Flight and won first round matches as well.  Other match winners included Ron Woodstock Kleinman, Rich Kojak Greenberg, and Moe Mish Dweck.

Keepers Flight Winner:

Flight       Winner                   Runner-Up

2nd                                           Len Goldman

3rd           Kevin Bass            John Friedson

4th           Paul Cohen           Neal Bobys

5th           Monroe Brett       Ronnie Greenbaum

With the points rewarded for this major there has been a serious shake-up in the Keepers Kup Standings with Len the Plumber taking over as The Lead Dog, leading Steve The Simple Country Dentist Keller by a mere 20 points.  Neal Bobys and Kaptin Keith are both within 100 points of the lead at the end of June.

Congratulations to Len Goldman who is the Keeper of the Month and Paul Cohen who is second for the month with 1050 and 900 Keepers Kup Points respectively in June.


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