Keepers Almost Skins-Results

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Keepers and GavelFor the first time in recent memory a Keepers Kompetition was interrupted by nature’s fury.  19 Keepers and 1 Extra Terrestrial Entity made up the five foursomes that competed in tonight’s Tuesday Pick Up Game in the 7-5-3-1 Almost Skins format.  Two of the groups made it to the house before the horn sounded and sideways rain interrupted the proceedings.

After deliberation with counsel and a forensic study of the meeting minutes from the 2009 Keepers Kaukus that considered such matters under the heading of “The Lord’s Little Tantrums and a Keepers Kompetition” it was determined that the six holes completed by the wettest foursome would comprise a Keepers Kommon Denominator and be counted toward the kompetition results.

Finishing first place with 31 Almost Skins Points was Neal Bobys who won 150 Kup Points and $100 Kash Sweeps.  Tied second with 29 points were four guys-Steve The Simple Country Dentist Keller, David Ruby Ruben, Howard I Got Just One Question Wollner, and Ronnie Clean Green Greenbaum.  These four won 60 Kup Points and $20 Kash Sweeps for the effort.

There was a reshuffling of the Keepers Kup Standings as a result-Neal Bobys not leads by a slim 31 points over Steve Keller in second and 71 points over Len The Lead Dog Plumber Goldman in third.

(Click to see the full field Keepers Almost Skins results)

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