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Hot Shops LogoFrom Tuesday’s draft four hungry teams were assembled to face 27 holes of varied formats today in hopes of taking home sweeps and bragging rights in the Hot Shoppes Revival-Keepers Kolor War Kompetition.  Playing for an iconic menu item the teams faced a sequence of Two-Man Alternate Shot, Two-Man Best Ball and Not So Best Ball, and Mano-a-Mano Almost Skins that always makes for a compelling day of golf where heroes can come from unexpected places.  And so it went today as the lead changed hands early and often and then it was hang on down the back stretch and outlast the field.

The Alternate Shot stanza is maybe the hardest as guys are uncomfortable when they must share destiny on ever other shot.  Strong performances by the Malet/Abrahams duo and Moe Mish/Country Doc Keller pairing put the Orange Freezes and Mighty Mo’s first and second after the opening nine.

Some of today’s kombatants:

Miller-Lowl-Keller-Solvin.              MAGoldstein-Brecher-ECohen-CLevineSGordon-Postal-Bobys-RGoldstein

The parallel Best Ball/Not So Best Ball nine followed with 36 points on the line for each foursome.  Kojak and Long Ball Polsky teamed for 28 points to help the Teen Twists surge head with 87 points at the end of Stage Two.  Ron Woodstock Kleinman and Phil Schulman garnered 22 points to keep the Mo’s in touch with 83 while Billy B Burak and Lowl Levine matched the 22 points to position the Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cakes at 79 for the final push.  Howard Going Postal and Mark A Goldstein 22 points could not save the Freezes who were in free fall at 75 points.


A little Hot Shoppes fare gave the guys a chance to find their sea legs and then it was back out for one final lap to determine the Kolesteral King of the Keepers Kolor War Kompetition.

A little sustenance before moving on
A little sustenance before moving on

Almost Skins pits guys of similar handicaps vieing for 16 points a hole so just about anything can happen if a few guys get hot and dominate their grouping.  Stewart The Face Seems Familiar Cherner earned 43 points to pace the Fudge’s comeback bid as they scored 225 points in this phase and 304 for the day.  42 and 41 points by Richard Goldstein and Mish Moe respectively helped the Mighty Mo’s earn 221 points only to lose ground on the leaders and tie second with 304 points.

Anxious waiting....pant-pant-blow
Anxious waiting….pant-pant-blow
Tabulation....checking it twice...who played naughty and nice
Tabulation….checking it twice…who played naughty and nice


It was the three headed monster of Solvin What is for Lunch Gordon, Kojak Greenberg, and Long Ball Polsky with 42, 41, and 41 points shoring up the Twists 223 points in Almost Skins that maintained a margin of victory with 310 points for the day.  Besides these all star performances Tom Burn Notice Burne is being considered for Executive of the Year honors in assembling this more-than-adequate-to-the-task team.


The Winning TwistsTwists









Fudgy SecondsFudgies









Mighty Mo'sMo's












(Click to see the complete box score of The Hot Shoppes Revival 2014)

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    keepersgolf responded:
    July 27, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    No there was not…..this was a low cholesterol event!

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