Keepers Ham n’ Egg

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The last full field Saturday Keepers event of the year will be on August 2nd with morning tee times.  The format will be the short order Two-Man Ham n’ Egg menu offering where you and your partner count your net score on every other hole.

For example it starts out that the Ham (you) score counts on the odd holes and the Egg (him) score counts on the even holes.  But there is a twist (would we expect anything else in a Keepers concoction). Twice during the round, if circumstances warrant it (maybe you left three in a row in the bunker and it is a Ham hole), you can “flip” the omelet and use your partner’s score instead.  Once you do that the Ham n’ Egg score sequence changes from that point on.  You can flip back if need be only one more time during the round so you have to flip carefully….it is like saving your purchased mulligans.

The kompetition is low net score for 18 holes-80% handicap for each guy-and you can pick your grilling partner if you choose.  Sign up by hitting the Kosher K and, if you want to designate your Ham ‘n Egg partner, e-mail and we will align your pairing as requested.

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