Tuesday Keepers-Attmans Aces Down

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Attmans Deli LogoOur Keepers Tuesday Pick-Up Game on August 26th introduces a newly discovered format rumored to have been created by guys up in the Baltimore area-hence we have decided to call it Attmans Aces Down.  This is a three-man team 9-hole event with tee times are between 4:45 and 5:30 on Tuesday August 26th.  Team members play with 80% of their course handicap.

The concept is simple, if you concentrate.  Each team will count toward their total Attmans Aces Down score 15 net scores to par made by the team members over the 9 holes played (there are 27 net scores for 3 guys over 9 holes for those trying to tabulate this).  The team must decide after each hole, before they tee off on the next hole, which of the net scores to par for that hole count toward their team total.  Once a team tees off on the next hole they no longer can choose any scores from previous holes.

The total to par of the 15 net scores chosen is the team score for the event.  Every team member must have at least 2 net scores counted and no team member may have more than 7 net scores counted toward the total.

The Keepers Shitach Komputer will make the team assignments in a typically fair and equitable manner or by blind draw if it get’s confused.  So throw caution to the wind and sign up for the inaugural Attmans Aces Down event by clicking the Kosher K below.

Click to register for the event
Event registration is closed



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