Handicap Championship Results

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Woodmont LogoThe Woodmont Handicap Championship held today included the participation of 27 Keepers representing over half the field.  The two tied at the end of regulation, getting a generous 100% of their current USGA Handicaps, with a net score of 67 were a pair of Keepers from either end of the handicap rainbow-Mike Fisher and Rick Brecher.  In a gripping four hole playoff Rick Brecher prevailed to get the crystal and the top sweeps prize.  The rest of the top five slots were also dominated by Keepers with Micah Green, Ronnie Greenbaum and Marc Fink cashing in on the sweeps.  Congratulations gentlemen….great showing.

The Keepers Kompetition in the Handicap Championship was a flighted Keepers events with 12 Keepers in the American Division (handicap indexes of 14 or less) and 15 Keepers in the National Division (handicap indexes of 14.1 or more).  There were cherished Keepers Kup Points given to the top five finishers in each of the divisions.

In the American Division the winner was the very talented Mike Coach Fisher who shot a gross of even par on the New North with 5 shots off his 3.5 index for net 67.  Second was the straight driving Marc The Bronx Bantam Fink with a 83 gross/71 net.  Third was Len The Plumber/Drivin That Train Goldman who also dominated the center sprinkler line off the tee with a 86 gross/73 net.  Artie Aronoff took 4th with gross 88/74 net and Rich The One With No Hair Greenberg took 5th, in spite of a one car pile up on #5, with gross 85/75 net.

In the Senior Circuit National Division the winner was the enigmatic Rick Left To Right Brecher who shot a scintillating 91 gross/67 net.  Second was Micha It’s Been A Long Time Since We’ve Seen Ya Green with a wonderous 88 gross/69 net.  Third by himself, and this is starting to be a trend, was Ronnie Clean Green Greenbaum with 99 gross/70 net.  A small coffee clutch tied for fourth at net 75 including Bill Artz, Monroe The Professor Brett, and Steve The Country Dental Practitioner Keller.

(Click to see the full results and points payouts from the Handicap Championship)


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