Keepers Giveaway Goodies 2015

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Keepers and GavelAfter culling the fashion world from sea to shining sea the Keeper haberdashery specialists came up with this coordinated package of kool stuff for The Keepers in 2015.


Zero Restriction Waterproof Short Sleeve Windshirt

JacketThis awesome black windshirt is 100% waterproof with short sleeves to allow unrestricted swing motion when the surprise spring showers hit.  Grey trim on the 1/2 zip collar and pockets and the Keepers logo proudly on the chest.  A wet weather necessity for sure.








Pete Millar Not So Striped Cotton Golf Shirt and a Three-Way American Needle Keepers Hat

Shirt HatThe Peter Millar 100% cotton shirt has a subtle black stripe over a textured background with the Keepers logo in black on the sleeve.  The grey contrasting collar makes works with the windshirt or all by itself.

The American Needle hat is a three-part special.  Sporting the traditional logo as a patch on the front and the Kosher K embroided on the back over the adjustable size strap.  The hang tag is the bonus-it is actually a peel away Keepers sticker that can be used in a number of creative forums.




Limited Edition Keepers Logo Poker Chip and Mini Sharpies.

Marker SharpieFinally, to accessorize the play on the course The Keepers can throw down to mark their ball the always subtle Keepers Poker Chip in either black or gold.  It is fully reversible with The Keepers Logo on the front and the Kosher K on the back.  The Keepers Mini Sharpies are a utilitarian accessory for marking the ball or signing fan autographs after the round.

Any way you slice or hook it, The Keepers will once again be decked out for serious play on the course and off.



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