Keepers of the Month-April 2015

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Keepers and Gavel
With the first month under our belts for 2015 we had two events The Pro-Schmoe and the Woodmont Par Three provide the main scoring opportunities in the Keepers Kup standings.  Opening Day did not result in any performance points since it turned in to a soggy 7-hole affair with great food. Participaiton Points did go to the 44 Keepers participating in the event.
Based on their first place finish in the Par Three and participation points in the Pro-Schmo Rusty “Mr. Coffee” Minkoff, Alan “The Hanging Judge” Levine, and Jimmy “Boom Boom” Polsky shared the Keepers of the Month and Lead Dog Position for the month.  They will each get $25 in sweeps for the Keeper of the Month and we will figure out some kind of Time-Share Arrangement for the Yellow Lead Dog Cover.

Lots of Kup Points will be in the play in May with Keepers Flap Jacks next Tuesday night, Woodmont Member-Member on the 16/17th, Woodmont Twilight League starting May 20th, the Bonanaza on the 31st, and the first of three of our Keepers Two-Man Team Alternate Shot Series nights coming up on May 19th.  Points for wins in both Keepers Match Play Matches and Woodmont Two-Man Matches will start to flow through as well.
Things are heatin’ up fast.


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