Member-Member 2015-Results

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Woodmont LogoThe Woodmont Member-Member got a clever makeover with a slick new format for 2015.  80 members (30 Keepers) participated in round robin Two-Man Team net best ball matches over two days with full culinary support and a couple of golf goodies to boot.  Using a football theme teams played in five flights named after Ex-Redskin quarterbacks to determine flight champions as well as an overall winner who earned some shiny silver for their office credenzas.   As part of the festivities Keepers were awarded a bouquet of Keepers Kup Points for individual match wins and ties.

The competition was keen and The Keepers were well represented in the club winnings.  Of the 40 teams participating 10 of the top 15 point getting teams were Keepers and 4 of the 5 flight winners were Keepers as well.

Amassing 32 points only to lose in a Tie Breaker for the overall event prize to a couple of Young Guns were the Keeper team of Don “No Longer Under the Radar” Rogers and Dave “Way Over The Radar” Nearpass who won all four of their matches over the two days of competition.  Billy “I Got A New Driver” Burak and Keith “Sky Who” Eig were third with 31 points followed by the Brothers Minkoff Tag Team of Rusty and Barry with 30.5 points.

All Keepers participating earned Kup Points for their efforts-50 points for individual match wins and 25 points for match ties.

Top Keepers Kup Points:

Don Rogers-Dave Nearpass             200 points    4 match wins

Rusty Minkoff-Barry Minkoff          175 points      3 match wins and 1 tie

Billy Burak-Keith Eig                         175 points      3 match wins and 1 tie

Neal Bobys (with Michael)                175 points      3 match wins and 1 tie

Monroe Brett-Richard Goldstein     150 points      3 match wins

This radically reconfigured the Keepers Kup Standings to date which you can check out with the Keepers Kup Standings link to the right.

(Click to see the full list of Keepers Kup Point winnings in the Woodmont Member-Member)

Special thanks to Dave Dorn, Geoff Montross, Andy Heiberger, Conner Farrell, and the rest of the golf staff for putting on such a good show.  Based on this year’s success, the Member-Member is likely to be a lively tradition for many years to come.

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