Keepers Alternate Shot Series 2015 Match 1-Results

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Scottish TamWe had a glorious night for the opening stanza of the Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series with 34 of 40 register Keepers jockeying for series standings position right out of the gate.  This is the first of three 18-point Alternate Shot Matches these two-man teams can play over the next three months-using their best two match results, the top four teams will advance to the Series Final Fore.

The team of Monroe “I finally got a tee I can handle” Brett and Ron “I don’t mind this tee either” Edlavitch set a blistering pace winning 14.5 of the 18 available points in their match this evening.  Rusty “Decaf” Minkoff and his partner Ronnie “Fairways and Greens” Greenbaum were all giggles and smiles as they are currently in second with 12.5 points.  Teams of Rick “Left-to-Right” Brecher and Don “Not the bald brother” Greenberg and Neal “Set me free” Freed and Alan “The Big Man” Schwartz are third and fourth at 12 and 11.5 points respectively.  Lenny “The Treemaster” Goldman was able to right the tee ball results of Moe “Wild Drivin Thing” Dweck who are holding fifth place at 10.5 points.

(Click here to see the komplete results of last night’s matches)

As is the measure of Keeper things there was lots of chest puffing and trash talking on the putting green before and in the exit poll conversations at the post game gluttony session so there is little doubt that this will be a spirited affair throughout the summer.  Special thanks to Konner Farrell (with a K) for his expertise in the organization and presentation of this inaugural Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series.

(Click here to see the kurrent standings in the Alternate Shot Series)


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