Club Championship 2015-Results

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fireworks4The holiday weekend brought the finale of the Woodmont Match Play Club Championships and it was not without it’s own pyrotechnics.  In the Men’s Championship Flight Joey Scheffres won for the gazillionth time with a win over young Will Klein.  The Ladies Championship turned a new page with the appearance of 14-year old Sophie Simon to the championship photo.  But for The Keepers it was all about the flights where 22 of the 43 slots were filled with our guys.

Kaptin Keith Eig was our lone representative in the Championship Flight where he ran into a Block Party losing in the round of 16.  In the First Flight it came down to a pitched battle between Rich “Kojak” Greenberg and Marc “The Bronx Bantam” Fink with Rich taking the crystal.  The Second Flight was again a battle royale of Keepers as Rusty “Decaf” Minkoff used a 10-point inspection visit to Jiffy Lube on the back nine to stem the leaking oil and come back in a win over the hot and streaking Marc “Hipster” Birnbaum.  Best showing in the Trois Flight was Neal Bobys who took second in a grind out with Andrew Lee.  The Fourth Flight may have been the arrival statement of Alan “Terp Nation” Schwartz who took Ron Edlavitch in the final match.  In the Fifth Flight Mark A. “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin'” Goldstein lost the final match to Young Gun Josh Verstandig.

The impact of this Major championship on the Keepers Kup Standings will not go unnoticed.  Alan “The Hanging Judge” Levine still clings to first and his yellow head cover but the theme from Kojak must be ringing in his ears as a move from Rich is clearly on to reclaim the Lead Dog.  Names like Fink, Schwartz, and Goldstein we are not used to seeing in the top ten are making statements of their own that this is not a season of usual.  With another Major,  the Senior Championship with a kache of Kup Points on the line, in two weeks this story is likely to get another chapter written as the race to the Kopper Kup makes the klubhouse turn.


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