Keepers Alt Shot Series-Match 3 Results

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Scottish TamThe third and pivotal match of the Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series was an opportunity for as many as 13 of the 19 teams in the Series to make a last ditch run at the Final Fore.   This was the third of three 18-point Alternate Shot Matches these two-man teams played over the last three months and, using their best two match results, the top four teams would advance to the Series Final Fore.

At the beginning of the night 19 points was tied for fourth place in the standings  but it was evident that it was going to take more than that, once the dust settled, to grab a spot in the Final Fore Championship.  Play across all matches was compelling and there was lots of nervous nail biting at the scoreboard as the final match totals were tallied and posted.

The team of Monroe “I finally got a tee I can handle” Brett and Ron “I don’t mind this tee either” Edlavitch decided to rest on their laurels having 22.5 points in their first two matches and maintained them tied for the first place position.

Rusty “Decaf” Minkoff and his partner Ronnie “Fairways and Greens” Greenbaum were not satisfied with their 22.5 total hoping to improve their lot and secure first place alone.  They faced Rick “Detroit Wheels” Brecher and Don “Not the bald brother” Greenberg who were tied fourth at 19 points coming into this match.  It was a ying-and-yang affair with lots of drama down the last four holes and ended with 9 points for each team leaving Minkoff/Greenbaum holding on to the tie at the top and improving Brecher/Greenberg to 21 points and secure in the fourth slot in the Final Fore.

The big move was made by the Cherner Machine of Stewart and Herbie.   They played flawless alternate shot golf steamrolling The Mish and Len The Plumber making 3 natural birdies and a dozen high fives on their way to winning the match 12 to 6.  This jumped the Cherner total to 21.5 points and solo third in the final standings.

(Click here to see the komplete results for Match 3)

The teams of Brett/Edlavitch, Minkoff/Greenbaum, Cherner/Cherner, and Brecher/Greenberg will move on to a round robin match play 27-hole Final Fore kompetition next month to determine the final rankings for the Keepers Alternate Shot Series and who will get the spoils that go with it.

Final Fore Prizes (per man):

First Place     $150 Kash Sweeps    150 Kup Points       The Trophy

Second Place $100 Kash Sweeps      100 Kup Points

Third Place    $75 Kash Sweeps     75 Kup Points

Fourth Place  $50 Kash Sweeps     50 Kup Points

(Click here to see the kurrent standings in the Alternate Shot Series)

There was a definite buzz at dinner after tonight’s matches the tone of which made it evident that the Keepers Alternate Shot Series was a big success to all who played.  Foursomes are here to stay at Woodmont….another Keeper tradition is born.

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