Planet Golf/Wounded Warriors Events

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SMGA LogoFolds of Honor 2In a fund raising trifecta The Keepers ran a series of events yesterday to raise money for our Folds of Honor/SGMA-Wounded Warriors Fund.  Through a golf event, raffle, and a book presentation by Planet Golf author Darius Oliver we tapped the generosity of Keepers, Woodmont members, spouses, and friends and raised almost $1,900 to add to our annual donation to these military charities.  We thank all the folks who participated in these efforts and helped make it a success.

The golf event had 24 folks out poking about the front nine of the South on a sultry day in a Net Stableford format contesting for Kash Sweeps  in both men’s and women’s competitions.  The winners in the Women’s Division were Jackie Cohen with 12 points ($50 in sweeps) and Jackie North with 9 points ($40 in sweeps).  The men’s side had a three-way tie for first at 12 points ($40 in sweeps each) between Doc Keller, Chet Levine, and Monroe Brett.  Fourth on the men’s side was Ron Edlavitch with 11 points ($20 in sweeps).

Fold of Honor Raffle BagThe raffle engaged the generosity of the full Woodmont membership with all the proceeds going to the charity fund.  Andy Friedlander held the winning stub and got the Limited Edition Folds of Honor Golf Bag provided by David Dorn.  Bruce Buchanan and Bruce Charendoff were picked second and third getting a free golf lesson with assistant professional Conner Farrell.

The evening was capped off with a presentation and conversation by author Darius Oliver about his two wonderful golf books Planet Golf and Planet Golf USA which are, as he says, the definitive reference to great golf courses around the world.  He described his process for creating the books and shared his knowledge on course design in evaluating these courses and doing course ratings in his home country of Australia.  Darius is the Architecture Editor for Golf Digest Australia.  The Q & A at the end was a lively conversation about his expertise in relation to courses he has seen and our courses as well.  The opportunity to purchase personalized signed copies of the books brought in additional money to our charitable fund.

Special thanks to Woodmont for hosting this event, Conner Farrell for his hard work in overseeing it, and Darius Oliver for willingness to take the time to share his knowledge on architecture and design with our members.


If you want to get more information on Darius Oliver’s work or purchase the Planet Golf books you can go to his website at PlanetGolf.Com where you can find links to purchase them here in the states.

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