Tuesday Keepers-Flap Jacks 2015-Results

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Flap Jacks PhotoIn the last Tuesday Night Pick Up Game of the year there were 1350 Keepers Points on the line for the Three-Man Team Flap Jacks format.  The 24 guys participating included 13 of the top 20 in the Kup Standings so there was clearly intent to reposition coming down the final straightaway.

The competition was keen and in the end the teams representing Shoneys (Billy B, Artie Aronoff, and Terrapin Nation Schwartz) and the Iron Skillet (Kojak, Green Tee Monroe, and Havana Tampa Wollner) walked away sharing top points and sweeps shooting 67 in this unusual best/worst ball format.  Well back in third were the Pancake Paradise team (Moe Mish, Steve I Got You Covered With The Putter Gordon, and Marc I Can Hit It Long For A Skinny Dude Fleisher) shooting 70 on the two balls.

With two net best balls counting on the odd holes and two net worst balls counting on the even holes the pressure was felt by all three team members.  In reality the even holes provided the most pressure because highest handicap holes on the front of the North, the ones least likely to provide stroke coverage for pissy play, are 2, 4, and 6 so it shone the bright light on the guy struggling to avoid disaster on these holes since his score was going to count for sure.

Flap Jacks Scoreboard

The Spoils:

T-1st- Shoneys   135 Kup Points and $75 Sweeps per man

Iron Skillet  135 Kup Points and $75 Sweeps per man

3rd      Pancake Paradise  90 Kup Points and $25 Sweeps per man

4th      Huddle House  60 Kup Points per man

T-5th  Waffle House   15 Kup Points per man

IHOP               15 Kup Points per man

(Click to see the Kolorful Konner-Lee rendering of the full results)

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