Freudberg Championship 2015-Results

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Woodmont LogoIn one of highest subscribed major tournaments in years there were close to 75 members vying in five flights of the Freudberg Stroke Play Championship this weekend.  31 Keepers were involved and fared very well in the Woodmont gross event.  Mike Fisher won the championship flight with 74-72-146 from the Black Tees on both courses.  Rich Greenberg won the A Flight with 83-83-166.  The Mishner lost ground on Day 2 and finished second to Dave Wexler in the B Flight.  The C Flight was a dog fight between Neal Bobys 84-87-171 and Bobby Lipnick 82-92-174 taking first and second respectively.  Ronnie Greenbaum took third in the D Flight with 97-98-195.


Freudberg Scoreboard 2015

The Keepers Freudberg is a Major on our schedule and is a Two-Round Net Kompetition at 90% handicap split into two divisions American League (Handicap Index of 15 or lower) and National League (Handicap Index of 15.1 or higher).  Major Kup Points go to the top five finishing Keepers in each division.

The American League Division went to the overall Freudberg Championship winner Mike “Coach” Fisher who shot a high aptitude 72-Net 68 from the back tees on the North to get to 138 total and overtake the Kommish who lead at net 69 after Day 1.  Tied for second at 143 net for the two days were Paul “I’ve Found My Groove” Cohen, Moe “Mishner” Dweck, and Howard “Stogie” Wollner.  Fifth in this division was Marc “Long For A Scrawny Guy” Fleisher at 147 net.

The National League Division was reeling after Bobby “Sky King” Lipnick’s 82 Net 63 on Day 1 to which he added a more commercial 92 net 72 to notch the winning total of 135.  Neal Bobys played strong for the two days with 84 net 69 and 87 net 71 for 140 to take second place.  Steve “The Humble Country Dentist” Keller continued his good play in August with net 144 for third.  Ronnie “Being Green” Greenbaum was at 150 net for fourth followed by Richard Goldstein at 152 net.

The full scoresheets and Kup Points for the two divisions can be seen below.

(Click to see the Final Freudy Standings in the American League Division)

(Click to see the Final Freudy Standings in the National League Division)

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