Keepers Alt Shot Series-Final Fore Results

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Scottish TamThe final stage of the Keepers Alternate Shot Series was played today between four of the top finishing teams from the three evenings of matches this summer.  It was a 27 hole-3 match Round Robin where every team played each other on the North Course today.  9 points were up for grabs in each match and the most points at the end of the day would take home the first Keepers Alt Shot Series Trophy and a bunch of sweeps.

The contestants for today’s Final Fore first match on the Front North were the teams of :

Rusty “Whittled away to nothin'” Minkoff and Ronnie “Mr. Green” Greenbaum

Stewart “Say What?” Cherner and Herbie “I am not done yet” Cherner

Match 1Match 2









Don “Not The Bald One” Greenberg and Rick “Detroit Wheel” Brecher

Alan “Terp Nation” Schwartz and Neal “It’s been a log time comin'” Freed


Not much blood was shed in the first matches as Cherner-Cherner edged Minkoff-Greenbaum 5 to 4 and Greenberg-Brecher tied Schwartz-Freed 4.5 a piece.



Turning to the Back North for the second session Minkoff-Greenbaum lost by 1 to Greenberg-Brecher 4 to 5.  The Cherner Franchise asserted it’s might winning 6.5 to 2.5 over Schwartz and Freed to take a commanding 2 point advantage into the final stage.

By the fate of the Golfing Gods 1st place Cherner-Cherner was matched against 2nd place Greenberg-Brecher on the Back North final nine to decide it all.  Not a single hole was halved in this final match which turned into a white knuckle affair.  Winning 4 of the first 5 holes Greenberg-Brecher turned the tables from 2 behind to 2 ahead and looked in full command of the result until Stewart stuck an approach close on the par 5 15th to win the hole and close the nine back to two down and the overall match to square.  As is often the case on the North the sixteenth and seventeenth would prove pivotal but some uncharacteristically loose greenside play cost the Cherner Franchise the two holes.  The Fat Lady was belly bumping the winning Greenberg-Brecher team as they prevailed 15.5 to 14.5 for the day over Stewart and Herbie.

The Minkoff-Greenbaum vs Schwartz-Freed match was for third place and they pretty much wrestled it to a tie when it was all done with 12 points each for the day.

The Winners


Booty for the day’s effort:

1st Place Greenberg-Brecher    The Trophy   150 Keepers Kup Points   $150 Kash Sweeps per man

2nd Place Cherner-Cherner    A Handshake 100 Keepers Kup Points  $100 Kash Sweeps per man

Tied 3rd Minkoff-Greenbaum and Schwartz-Freed  Lots of Giggles  62.5 Keepers Kup Points and $62.50 in Kash Sweeps Each

By any measure the first Keepers Alternate Shot Series was a huge success and will become a staple part of the Keepers schedule for years to come.

(Click to see the full scoresheet for the Keepers Alternate Shot Final Fore)

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