Par Three Tournament 2016-Results

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Woodmont LogoOn an idyllic spring afternoon the 2016 Par Three Tournament was contested on the Par 54 D & D & W & F North By Northwest design by 100 Woodmont members of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes.  38 Keepers participated in what turned out to be a wild birdie barrage on the North Course.

Special Kudos to Craig Goodman who aced the 14th Hole “Little Dunt” and became the first “Keepers Aces Wild Winner”.  Under this new Keepers Excellence In Action Policy Craig got 100 Keepers points for this “perfect swing” in a Keepers sanctioned event.

Craig is #1 and 100 points higher in the Kup Standings
Craig is #1 and 100 points higher in the Kup Standings

Norman “Glad To Be Back” Freidkin took top honors among Keepers with his team posting an outstanding 38.6 net earning him 300 Keepers Kup Points.  In Keepers second place at 38.7 net, good for 200 Kup Points a man, was the team of Marc “Two Good Hips” Birnbaum, Herb “Picking Up From Where I Left Off Last Year” Kushner, and Howard “I Filed Your Extension” Wollner.

These guys also won the Low Gross Overall for the full field event with an astounding 10-under par score of 44.  Drone coverage reveals that non-Keeper Andy “I am not Spike” Lee helped the cause big time as they made putts from everywhere all day!

Rounding out the Keepers elite were:

3rd Net-Rick Brecher 41.2 net  150 Kup Points

4th Net-Ron Hirschel, Gary Fisher, Mike Glickman 41.8 net  100 Kup Points

5th Net-Steve Keller, Len Goldman, John Friedson, Keith Eig  42.3 net  50 Kup Points

With April Keepers points in the bank Norman Freidkin will be sporting the Lead Dog Headcover on his driver and is the April Keeper of the Month with 425 Points.  Dave Benson, who won the Pro-Schmo going away last week,  was second in the Keeper of the Month at 375 Points.  They will each earn $50 and $25 in Kash Sweeps respectively.  The full Keepers Kup Standings through April can be seen through the link on the right of the same name.

Full Field Results
The Full Field Results    (click image to enlarge the resolution)

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