Keepers Kolor War 2016-Battle Of The Beers

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Back by popular demand this year Keepers Kolor War returns.

The “Battle of The Beers-Where It All Comes To A Head” will be played over 27 holes of Ryder Cup style team kompetition on Sunday May 15th.  Four teams of 6 to 8 players (max for the event is 32 players) will play 9-hole matches across three formats for their respective Dos Equis, Guiness Draught, Corona Extra, and Samuel Adams Summer Ale banners.

Team kaptains will be chosen from those who sign up and a draft of the four teams will ensue under the careful scrutiny of State Beer and Wine Kommision.

Dos Equis Logo

Guinness Draught Logo






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The event will be played Sunday morning with the first 9-hole 2-Man Alternate Shot matches teeing off between 8:00 and 8:30 am playing for 36 team points per match.  The same pairings will play the back nine in a double 2-Man Best Ball/Worst Ball match so they are effectively two matches going at the same time in each foursome.   Each of those matches are played 36 team points so the total available in each foursome is 72 points.

We then break for lunch on the veranda of the Terrace Room, no imbibing of adult beverages will be sanctioned before this time.  After a pep talk from the kaptains we follow with matches starting from 1:30 to 2:00 pm made up of foursomes of one player from each beer group of similar handicap who will play Almost Skins (7/5/3/1 points per hole) for an available 63 points per team.  The whole shooting match should be done by 4:00 pm.

The Draft Board
The Draft Board

The members of the winning team get $100 Kash Sweeps per person with $50 Kash Sweeps per person for the runner-up team.  Individual points from matches will be tallied with the top five individual finishers getting 300, 200, 150, 100, and 50 Keepers Kup points respectively.  There is no entry fee for the main event so all your winnings are net-net.

Handicaps prevail in all matches-80% in the 2-man matches and 90% in the Almost Skins matches.

Back in 2014, in The Hot Shoppes Revival, it was the Teen Twists-Rich Greenberg, Jimmy Polsky, Tom Burne, Sol Gordon, Chet Levine, and Steve Gordon who jumped from last to first in the second stage matches and held on in the Almost Skins to win top prizes by a mere 6 points.


Come out and enjoy our almost annual day of team kompetition as we vie for the “Top of the Hops”.  Slots are limited so sign up early.

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