Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series 2016

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Keepers and GavelThe Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series is back!!!

This awesome kompetition will be three Tuesday/Thursday Two-Ball evenings over three months where you and a partner of your choice will play 18-hole Alternate Shot matches against other teams playing in the Series.  This is a year-long competition but it is not single elimination so teams are guaranteed of at least three match opportunities over the Series.

Each evening starts at 5:00 in a shotgun start so we can get the 18-hole matches in before the sunlight is done.  Your team will get 80% of the average of your two handicaps on the course each night-Blue Tees on the South and Gold Tees on the North (Blue/Green Option for those who qualify).  This is true alternate shot-one guy drives on the odd holes, the partner on the even holes playing alternate shot all the way into the cup.  It plays very fast as long as you don’t spend time apologizing to your partner each time you put him in a bad spot.

Over three months-we have designated three Two-Ball Nights for the Series. The scheduled three match nights are May 24th, June 16th, and July 26th.

You do not have to play all three nights to participate in this Series.

The 18-hole matches will be played for 1 point a hole-a total of 18 standings points available per team. For the purpose of the Series Standings we will only count the two best of three possible Two-Ball standing points performances for each team. This mitigates the effect on the standings if a team misses one Series event. Standings will be maintained and posted on The Keepers bulletin board and on this website.

We will poll the teams the week before each scheduled Series Night to determine who is coming and set the matches accordingly.   Keepers Points Payouts are garnered for the winner of each Alt-Shot Series match (50 Keepers points per man for a win and 25 per man for a tie).

Based on the Series Standings at the end of the three Alt-Shot Series matches, four teams advance to the Final Fore for the championship playoff to determine the Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series champion.  The scheduling of the championship playoff will be left open to accommodate the four qualifying teams.

Don Greenberg and Rick Brecher came from behind to win the A;t-Shot Championship Series
Don Greenberg and Rick Brecher came from behind to win the Alt-Shot Championship Playoff

Aside from Keepers Points for each series match win or tie, Keepers Kash Sweeps and additional Keepers Points will be paid out to each team in the championship playoff based on their final position after the championship dust settles.  Ethereal trophies go to the winning team as well.

The super-kool hardware that goes to the winners
The super-kool hardware that goes to the winners

Don’t miss this Keeper Kool alternative experience..  You can sign up with your partner by emailing and we will add your team to the Series Roster.

Please let us know if your team is available to play on the first scheduled night on May 24th.  If you do not have a partner and want to play just email me your name and I will put it into the Keepers Shidduch machine to match you up.


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