Keepers Kolor War 2016-Results

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Battle Of The Beers

Four brands…27 holes…howling Irish breezes…temps in a Polar Plunge turned Keepers Kolor War into a golf version of Outward Bound.  But 32 Kompetitors braved the harsh test and in the end the Corona Extras edged out the Guiness Draught by 15 points in the final stage to claim the Kash Sweeps and the title of Suds Kings for 2016.

Kolor koordinated team chapeaus
Looking sharp in kolor koordinated team chapeaus

This was a ying-yang affair as the opening stanza of Alternate Shot matches saw the Dos Equis burst out of the gate to score 80 points and take a commanding 10 point lead behind the efforts of Arnie “This Is My Day Miller” and Rich “Yesterday and Today Were My Days” Sussman.  The parallel Best Ball and Not So Best Ball matches in Stage 2 changed all that as the Guiness Draft and Corona Extras asserted themselves with 158 points each sharing the lead with the back stretch now in front of them.

As is always the case it came down to the kuasi-singles of Almost Skins to separate the field and the Corona Extras rode individual performances in the core of their line-up by Herb “Yoda” Cherner, Harry “The Hammer” Harrison, Monroe “The Breeze” Brett, and Phil “Shul” Shulman to claim the krown and  $100 in Kash Sweeps per man.  When asked his philosophy in molding this team Koach Moe said, “We stuck to our principles and selected the best available athlete in each round of the draft…this served us well when the conditions turned nasty”.

Mish and The Breeze were all smiles
Mish and The Breeze with Corona Extra smiles

The individual honors went to Rusty “Not So Rusty” Minkoff in the American Division with 74 individual points and Arnie “The Dominator” Miller with 83 points in the National Division.  Keepers Kup Points for the top five in each division were:

American Division:

1st Rusty Minkoff  74  300 kup points

2nd Phil Schulman 73 200 kup points

T-3rd Alan Levine & Marc Birnbaum 68 125 kup points

T-5th Ron Rosenberg, Moe Dweck, & Howard Wollner 66 25 kup points

National Division:

1st Arnie Miller 83 300 kup points

2nd Harry Harrison 76 200 kup points

T-3rd Ron Edlavitch & Neal Bobys 75 125 kup points

5th Herbie Cherner 70 50 kup points

1st Place Corona Scoresheet2nd Place Guiness Scoresheet








The Daily Double Derby kash kontest required picking the winner in the American and National Divisions and Steve “Single Digit Gambler” Keller showed his Karnac side picking Arnie Miller and Rusty Minkoff to land the loaded envelope in his locker.  The Keepers Charity Pool added $320 to the koffer as a result of the Daily Double Derby.

(Click to see the Battle of the Beers Scoresheet)

(Click to see the Daily Double Derby Race Sheet)

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