Keepers Alternate Shot Series-Match 3 Results

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Scottish TamAfter taking almost six weeks to complete Match 2 seven matches were kontested last night in Match 3 to sift through the debris and determine which Alternate Shot Pairings would advance to the Final Fore in this year kompetition.

The standard of play was high for the teams in the mix for the top spots as three teams qualified with 22 points for the best two of three rounds with fourth place at 21.5.  It took at least 10.5 points in the final match to get over the top and qualify for the four team playoff later in August.

The team of Marc “Employment Move” Birnbaum and Howard “Stogie” Wollner had the luxury of throwing the feet up for the final match since they had a solid 22 points in their first two outings.  John “Freaky” Friedson and Paul “Bam Bam” Cohen showed no mercy on Bruce Charendoff and Ronnie “The Newlywed” Rosenberg scoring 10.5 points on their way to 22 points.

The Cherner Konglomerate of Herbie and Stewart thrashed Moe “Mishner” and Len The Plumber with a dominating 12.5 point performance which included a bushel full of clutch up-and-downs to tie for first with 22 points as well.   The final spot, after what seemed like an interminable wait against failing sunlight, went to Neal “Lead Dog” Bobys and Eddie “On Your Game” Cohen who outlasted Neal “Photo Flash” Freed and Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz for 10.5 points to get to 21.5.

The super-kool hardware that goes to the winners
The super-kool hardware that goes to the winners

The Final Fore will be a 27 hole three-match round robin affair where each of the final pairings play each other for 9 points in each match….most points when the grass clippings settle will own this cherished hardware.


(Click here to see the final standings in the Alternate Shot Series going into the playoff)

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