Keepers 4-Club 2016-Results

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4 club logoIn a brief respite from the summer frying pan 17 Keepers sauntered the front of the North yesterday with just 4 friends in hand in our annual 4-club event.  There was evidence of angst in the prep area as guys agonized over issues like….Driver or 3-wood…..Sand Iron…..Putter…????   But eventually they all got to the first tee with utmost confidence in their selections.

The conditions were ripe for scoring but the pressure of having to make up the 3/4 knockdown 7 iron from 115 mitigated against that.  Still the cream rose to the top as Rich “Steamed Kojak” Greenberg and Marc “I’ve Settled In For The Stretch Drive” Birnbaum were 1 and 2 with net 35 and 36 respectively.

The key was not letting the evil double bogie into the mix as both guys had net birdies to match their bogies the whole way.  Difference maker was Kojak’s 4 net 3 on the always difficult 8th hole-pin was back center on a Mount Rushmore side hill but that presented no problem for him.  Kojak got $100 in Kash Sweeps and Birnbaum $50 for their performances.

Five guys shot respectable 38’s to tie 3rd-Moe “Mishion Impossible” Dweck,  “Kaptin” Keith Eig, Sol “Hunter and Gatherin'” Gordon, Rich “It’s Getting Better” Sussman, and Howard “Stogie” Wollner.  Having to split the points and sweeps five ways did not do much to enhance the standings or sweeps positions of this group.

4 club results sheetThe win moved Kojak into 2nd position in his drive to a Two-Peat in the Keepers Kup race.  Mish, Stogie, and Birbaum are third through fifth at the moment drafting the leaders.

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