Keepers Alternate Shot Series Final 2016 Results

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Scottish TamThis year’s Final Fore of the Keepers Alternate Shot Series pitted an eclectic group of pairings against each other in a round-robin three 9-hole series of matches on the North Course to determine our finest foursomes team for 2016.

Right out of the gate Marc “Feel The Burn” Birnbaum and Howard “Stogie” Wollner lit it up winning three of the first four holes on the way to a commanding 6 to 3 win in the morning match against the Cherner Automotive Team of Stewart and Herbie.

The other match in the first nine was a hard fought draw at 4.5 points each between the teams of John “Freaky” Friedson and Paul “Bam Bam” Cohen and Neal “Lead Dog” Bobys and Eddie “On His Game” Cohen.

Flipping matches for the second nine the tide turned quickly as Birnbaum-Wollner’s flint could not find it’s spark and their fortunes were reversed by the Bobys-Cohen team that ran the table winning holes 12 thru 16 on their way to a 6 to 3 romp.  The Automotive Group found their smooth idle and ground out a 5.5 to 3.5 win over Freaky-Bam-Bam winning 2 of the last 3 holes on the back.

The Cherners pondering the work left to be done in the final session
The Cherners pondering the work left to be done in the final session

With a break for some Gatorade and bananas after two rounds the score stood: 

Bobys-E. Cohen  10.5   Wollner-Birnbaum 9    Cherner-Cherner 8.5   Friedson-P. Cohen 8

The deciding nine was back on the front of the North and the Cherner Automotive-Bobys/E. Cohen match was a see-saw battle but the Cherners got the upper hand in the middle holes to build a 4 to 2 lead in the match.  A split on points over the last three holes was enough for the Cherners to win the match 5.5 to 3.5 and create a first place tie at 14 points with Neal and Eddie.

So it came down to whether Feel the Birn and Stogie could rediscover their mojo and find a way to get to 14 to reach a playoff.  Freaky and Bam-Bam would hear none of that.  They made 5 pars and a birdie on holes 2 through 8 to storm from the back of to pack with a 6.5 to 2.5 win and steal the top spot with 14.5 points.  Game-Set-Match to the Blues Brothers.

Nothing like drafting the field....Paul and John come from behind to win it all!
Nothing like drafting the field….Paul and John come from behind to win it all!

The final tally:

1st Place  Friedson-P. Cohen   14.5 Points    $150 Sweeps   150 Kup Points

T-2nd      Bobys- E. Cohen         14 Points        $90 Sweeps      90 Kup Points

Cherner-Cherner        14 Points        $90 Sweeps      90 Kup Points

4th          Birnbaum-Wollner     11.5 Points     $50 Sweeps       50 Kup Points


(Click to see the Alt Shot Series Final Scoresheet)

Congratulations to all four teams for their stellar Foursomes play through the Alternate Shot Series.  Special thanks to Konn-Aire Farrell for his adept administration of the Final Fore Matches.



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