Keepers Pro-Schmo 2017

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We celebrate the opening of the Keepers X Kampaign for 2017 with our annual Keepers Pro-Schmo on The Accounts Free Day, Sunday April 16th.   Keepers will be playing in a low impact Two-Man Best Ball with a Virtual Pro score from Sunday’s final round at Augusta.  Play begins with assigned tee times starting at 8:30 with 90% handicap from the Blue Tees on the South Course.

The Blue/Green Combo Tee option is available to players whose Handicap Index plus their Age is greater than or equal to 92.  Booty for winners include Kash Sweeps to the top three and Keepers Kup Points for the top five finishing net team scores.

Using the time tested Keepers Random Eight Selection methodology players pick one of (8) pro partner’s scores from Sunday’s round at Augusta. The Pro’s hole-by-hole score is posted to par on the South Course and they play a virtual best ball between the Pro Partner’s gross score and the Keeper Schmo’s net score on each hole.

2016 Pro Schmo Scoreboard

(Click to enlarge the image)

There were 43 Keepers in the field when Dave “Newbie” Benson snuck up on everyone teaming with J.B. Holmes for a net 59 to win top honors.   In an early season hint of what was yet to come, 2016 Kup Winner Moe “Kommish” Dweck came in second shooting net 60 with Henrik Stenson, who himself used this as a stepping stone to win his first major at the Open Championship later in the year.

Dave Benson was all smiles at the Schmo in 2016

There will also be a voluntary Players Pool Kash Kompetition-Pars or Better-for those who are interested in a side game.  As is our tradition half the money in the Players Pool goes to fund our Folds of Honor/SMGA Wounded Veterans/Israeli Defense Fund Veterans kontributions at the end of the year.

Jump start your year with some Keepers winnings….sign up for the event by clicking the Kosher K below.

Event Sign Up Closed

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