Par Three Tournament 2017-Results

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The interest level in our annual Par Three Tournament has been growing in leaps and bounds as husbands and wives, parents and their children, juniors, and a whole lot more kompeted in the 2017 iteration called “Short Circuit”.  The Par 54 18-hole design, which featured a few new twists and turns curated by the firm of D & D & W & F, challenged the creativity and skill of 132 Woodmont members, including 44 Keepers, on a warm and sultry spring day.

Great fun was had by all…..Phil Malet got his day started in style with his first career Hole-In-One on the first hole “Ben Franklin” setting off a mishbucha celebration for the ages.   Under our adopted Keepers Excellence In Action Policy Phil got 100 Keepers points for this “perfect swing” to go along with lots of high fives.

Phil Malet giving the Hole-In-One gesture….nothing but net!
For The Keepers we prized Kup Points to the top five net groups with Keepers.  The formidable group of Howard Isaacson, Rick Brecher, Neal Bobys, and Paul Cohen scorched the bent grass with 41.7 net to take the top Keepers prize.  Not far behind were Arnie Miller, Phil Schulman, and Mike Selis whose group shot 43.2 net.

Keepers Results:

1st Net-Howard Isaacson, Rick Brecher, Neal Bobys, and Paul Cohen  41.7 net  300 Kup Points each

2nd Net-Arnie Miller, Phil Schulman, and Mike Selis  43.2 net  200 Kup Points each

3rd Net-Jimmy Polsky, Barry Minkoff, Billy Burak and Mike Fisher  44 net  150 Kup Points each

T-4th Net-Gary Faigen, Cary Reines, and Arthur Dubin  44.7 net   75 Kup Points each

T-4th Net-Moe Dweck and Marc Fink  44.7 net   75 Kup Points each


The day’s field was so large tournament officials had to split the atom and go to two flights based on team handicaps which provided more spoils to be distributed among winners in gross and net categories.  As you can see in the winners covered all age groups and genders.  Some of them will have their sweeps placed in trust so as not to endanger their amateur status.

Proton Gross Winners at 12 under…Will Klein-Kyle Nordheimer-Sophie Simon-Amanda Levy
Low Net in the Electron Division at 42.2 Ryan & Scott Attman and Jake & Elliot LIffman


(Click to see the Short Circuit winners in the Proton and Electron flights)


(click on the scoreboard to enlarge the image resolution)

Special thanks to Konnor Farrell and his staff for their yeoman’s effort in planning, organizing, and putting on this fabulous event for our membership.

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