Keepers Kolor War 2017-Results

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Mount Rushmore-The 7th Inning Stretch-was a wild and wooly affair with 40 Keepers representing four Presidential teams in our annual Kolor War Team Event.  The event format included Stage 1 Matches of 9 hole Two-Man Scramble, Stage 2 Matches of 9 hole parallel Two-Man Best Ball and Not-So-Best Ball, and Stage 3’s hand-to-hand individual scrums of Short Game Skills at The Sid.

Team Teddy, kaptained by the always acerbic Howard “Stogie” Wollner, ran rough shod over the field with a lightening charge in Stage 2 and Stage 3 to score 504 points and win the whole shooting match.

In the Stage 1 Scramble Matches Team Abe took a decisive 10-point lead on the back of across-the-roster heroics.  Keith Eig-Billy Burak (21 points), Len Goldman-Steve Lustig (20 points), Rich Sussman-Tom Burne (24 points), Dave Benson-Monroe Brett (22 points), and Art Blitz-Rick Brecher (16 points) together tallied 104 points to open up a gap on the field.

Team Teddy found their ballast in Stage 2’s parallel Best Ball and Not-So-Best Ball Matches with Artie Aronoff-Bill Artz (46 points), Kaptain Wollner-Ronnie Rosenberg (42 points),  and Mike Fisher-Paul Cohen (42 points) fomenting the comeback as they dominated with 208 points to take a commanding lead.

But with the five Stage 3 Short Game Skills-Normandy Beach, Dumbo’s Rump, Phil’s Pholly, Born To Run, and Lag Time-still to go it was not “over until it was over”.  The heroics in this stage came from Ronnie “I know my way around Green” Greenbaum and Arnie “It Is Not All About The Drivin'” Aronoff  who both won 4 out of 5 skills in their respective groups as Team Teddy scored 202 points as a team to consolidate their lead and take home the $50-a-man Team Sweeps.

A side note on the Short Game Challenge, there were three hole-outs worth 50 bonus Keepers Kup Points to each man by Steve “MVP” Lustig, Joe “Rump Management” Baldinger, and Moe “New Grooves” Dweck.

Team Teddy included Mike Fisher, Norm Freidkin, Paul Cohen, Kaptain Howard Woller , Artie Aronoff, and Ronnie Greenbaum
Team MVP’s for each squad scored 200 Keepers Kup Points as well as the swell Bobbling Head Trophy of their President.   Keepers Kup Points were awarded to the top three individual performers on each team so there were plenty of points to go around.

(Click to see the full results sheet from Keepers Kolor War-Mt. Rushmore-7th Inning Stretch)

MVPs Steve Lustig and Ronnie Greenbaum with Lil’ Abe and Lil’ Teddy respectively

Team Prizing:

First Place Team (504 points)- Team Teddy-Howard Wollner, Ronnie Rosenberg, Mike Fisher, Paul Cohen, Artie Aronoff, Bill Artz, Bob Cook, Jimmy Polsky, Norman Freidkin, and Ronnie Greenbaum    $50 Kash Sweeps per man

Second Place Team (474 points)-Team Abe-Keith Eig, Billy Burak, Len Goldman, Steve Lustig, Rich Sussman, Tom Burne, Dave Benson, Monroe Brett, Art Blitz, and Rick Brecher  $25 Kash Sweeps per man


Tale of the Tape…..Team Teddy wins convincingly with 504 points

The Players Pool Kash Game raised $370 for our Military Charity Donation at years end and awarded Kash Prizes to the top six individual point winners across the field.

Kash Winners:

1st- Ronnie Greenbaum (63 points) $110 kash

2nd Artie Aronoff (61 points) $90 kash

3rd Steve Lustig 57 points $70 kash

4th Alan Levine (56 Points) $50 kash

5th Len Goldman (55 points) $30 kash

6th Mike Selis (53 points) $20 kash.

Thanks to Konnor and his staff crew for putting on a great show for us in Keepers X Kolor War 2017.

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