Kasper’s Walk-Team 5-Club 2017

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As a reboot of the Keepers 5-Club that got cancelled this week, we are holding “Kasper’s Walk” as an updated replacement version.  As is the case with all technology the new and improved version has an updated Operating System and a Reformatted Hard Drive.  Keepers management can never leave well enough alone.

This time Keepers will play the front of the North with 5 clubs of their choice.  Play on the Odd Holes will be from the Blue Tees and the Even Holes from the White Tees.  Those qualifying for the Green Tee Option play the Odd Holes from the Gold Tees and the Even Holes from the White Tees.  All players get 100% course handicap from the Blue Tees and play their own ball for low net score.

The new wrinkle is that it is a Two-Man Best Ball Kompetition but you don’t know who your partner is until after you are done.  We will konvene after golf in the Men’s Locker TV Room for a Blind Ghost pick of the partners from the Keepers Kap and festive tabulation and posting of the team scores and winners.  Dinner off the menu will be available in the TV Room.

This event will be held on Thursday July 27th with a shotgun start at 5:00 PM on the North Course so we all can finish together.

Plenty of Kash Sweeps and Kup Points are on the line.

Prizes Per Man:

Keepers Kash Sweeps:  1st-$100   2nd-$50   3rd- $25

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (150), 2nd (120), 3rd (90), 4th (60), 5th (30)

There will also be a Voluntary Kash Game available for those who want a bit more skin in the game.  $10 entry-half the money goes to the charity the other half to prize the top individual net scores for the 9 holes.

Sign up for a fun evening of golf and eventualities by klicking on the Kasper’s Image below.

Event Registration Closed


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