Kasper’s Walk-Team 5-Club 2017-Results

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Last night’s 5-Club 9-hole event was a Two-Man Team format….it just wasn’t until after the nine was done that the teams were chosen.  This made for a bit of a frat house atmosphere in the Men’s Card Room as 16 Keepers koalesced with individual net scorecards in hand to facilitate a two-man team best ball net competition through the unpredictable blind draw of partners.

The prize team picks from the Keepers Sack were going to be the top three finishers in the individual net kompetition of the Kash Game.  Randy “5-Club Stud” Weiss just blew away the field with a gross par round on the front of the North that translated into Net 29 to win the top kash prize.  Second at Net 33 was Alan “His Train Has Arrived At Terp Station” Schwartz and third was Howard “Stogie” Wollner at Net 34.

Weiss’s Net 29 on the front of the North was downright Spieth-ian as he parred 1, 2, and 3 and then played 4 through 9 seven-under par.

Randy Weiss’s individual winning card was the prize lottery pick!

That was with 5-Clubs!!!     Talk about being in the zone!

Once we started to draw names for partners and the posting of scores for the Team Best Ball the banter got loud and the room got downright rowdy.

Allen Zweig and Richard Haskin were the first two names out of the sack and to everyone’s surprise their Net 35 held up for Fifth Place Points tied with two other pairs.  Next came Marc Birnbaum who rode Alan Schwartz’s individual score like a fine steed, but contributed a critical par on #7 to get them to 31 Net and Second Place.  Shortly thereafter Gary Faigen pulled Stogie Wollner’s name out of the sack and they did a fine Virtual Ham n’ Egg turning Howard’s 34 into a net 32 to win Third Place all alone.

The Tale Of The Tape

It came down to the next to the last pick of the night-you could have cut the anticipation in the air with a butter knife.  Mark A. Goldstein sifted the last three names in the sack and his personal Fickle Finger of Fate pulled Randy’s name as his partner.  Being familiar with each other from the Alt-Shot Series, where they are the clubhouse leading pair going into that Final Fore, Mark A. just smiled his way through the figuring of their Best Ball score with nine Atta Boy Randy’s and they claimed top Kup Points and Sweeps with a Net 29.

This left Neal Bobys and Ron Hirschel literally holding the bag but finishing Fourth with Net 33.

Team Prizes per man:

1st Place- Net 29  Randy Weiss/Mark A. Goldstein  150 Kup Points and $100 Kash Sweeps

2nd Place- Net 31 Marc Birnbaum/Alan Schwartz  120 Kup Points and $50 Sweeps

3rd Place- Net 32 Gary Faigen/Howard Wollner 90 Kup Points and $25 Sweeps

4th Place- Net 33 Neal Bobys/Ron Hirschel  60 Kup Points

5th Place- Net 35 Most of the rest of the field….a generous 10 Kup Points

Randy points the way and supportive Mark A. follows..

The Kasper’s Walk Blind Draw approach was super entertaining and will certainly find it’s way back into the Keeper’s Schedule in another iteration down the road.


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