Keepers Used Club Kollections

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Through the generosity of Keepers, Woodmont Members, and the Golf Shop the Keepers Second Time Around Used Club Program has compiled a nice kollection of used clubs, golf bags, accessories, and balls to donate to the military rehab programs in our area.  We have accumulated 10 to 15 sets of irons, 50 assorted drivers and woods, 10 wedges, 5 putters, 10 to 15 golf bags, 1000 golf balls, and 40 pieces of new Keepers Klothing to donate.

Through the help of Steve Greiner down at the Fort Belvoir Army Golf Facility we will pass these on to veterans who are participating in the rehab programs down at Fort Belvoir and a new program at Andrews Air Force Base.  We appreciate the help of Steve Keller, Moe Dweck, Konnor Farrell, and the men in the Starters Area for helping to marshal these donations.

Just a portion of the booty kollected to pass on to the vets


Community service involvement and support is one of the central pillars of The Keepers and we approach it from many angles.  This year, besides this Second Time Around Program, The Keepers have done the following:

Made a $1000 Donation to the Woodmont Employee Assistance Fund

Kollected over $2000 in donations for the First Tee Program of Greater Washington

Ran the First Tee Mentor Outing

Donated $200 to the Alzheimers Fund through the Women’s 9-Holers Event

Donating $200 to the Play For Pink through the Women’s 18-Holer Event

Underwriting the prizes for the Men’s Play for Pink Event in October

Underwriting the Greens and Golf Staff Annual Kook-Out

Making total donations of over $4000 to the SMGA-Wounded Vets, Folds of Honor, and IDF Wounded Vets through our Players Pools Events and a matching Keepers Donation

Over 50 Keepers, Staff, and Kids who participated in the Keepers First Tee Mentor Outing

Thanks so much to all the Keepers for helping us provide this support to worthy causes in our community.


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