Keepers Kup Finale 2017-Results

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The year-long race for the top spot in the Keepers X Season has been a close one and two of this year’s Lead Dogs ended up on the top of the heap when it was all said and done in today’s Keepers Kup Finale.  Paul “Pablo” Cohen edged out Artie “So Close I Could Taste It” Aronoff by a mere 90 points to claim the Keepers Kopper Kup for 2017.

In the Keepers Kup Finale Event it was the impressive play of Kevin “You Got To Have The Right Attitude” Bass and Howard “Havana Stogie” Wollner with a pair of net 69’s who took the top honors earning the Silver Kup and substantial Kash Sweeps to go with it.  With the North Course playing “Indian Summer Tough” they shot gross 39 and 40 respectively on the front side, their second nine, to reel in the top position.  Apparently Pete set the pins in kind positions as Kevin parred 5 of his last 6 holes and Stogie 4 of his last 6 down the stretch.  Tied third in the day’s kompetition with a couple of Net 70’s were “Kaptain” Keith Eig and Ronnie “I Have Seen The Light” Rosenberg.

With the Rusty Reset in place for the Finale, winning The Kup favors the top five guys in the standings who control their own destiny and only the guys in the top 12 going in can actually take the Keepers Kup.  Artie,  who has been coach up well all season by his team, gave it his all with a 73 net and a tie for 8th in the Finale but it proved a couple of shots shy of what was needed to catch Pablo.

Paul’s stellar play the last month-tied 3rd in the Keepers National Division of the Freudberg, 2nd in the Keepers Alt Shot Series with Harry Harrison, and a win in the Woodmont Member-Member with Mike Fisher vaulted him into the Lead Dog position going into the Finale and this proved enough to fend off field and claim The Kup.

The summary of all the day’s player exploits

Final Kup Standings and Prizes:

1st  Paul Cohen   Net 85   1st Kopper Kup and $500 Kup Sweeps

2nd Artie Aronoff  Net 73  2nd Kopper Kup and $350 Kup Sweeps

3rd Neal Bobys  Net 73  3rd Kopper Kup and $250 Kup Sweeps

4th Kevin Bass  Net 69  $175 Kup Sweeps and T-1st Finale Kup and $75 Finale Sweeps

5th Howard Wollner  Net 69  $125 Kup Sweeps and T-1st Finale Kup and $75 Finale Sweeps

6th Mike Fisher  Net 71 $125 Kup Sweeps

7th Rick Brecher NP  $75 Kup Sweeps

8th Alan Schwartz  Net 83  $50 Kup Sweeps

Keith Eig and Ronnie Rosenberg  T-3rd Finale- $25 Finale Sweeps each

(Click to see the full result sheet from today’s Keepers Kup Finale)

We raised another $745 through the generosity of those who participated in our 50/50 Raffle today to benefit our annual donation to the military charities.  There were four winning tickets picked by the lovely Ali, each winner took home $140 in kash.

Congratulations to Paul Cohen who will now have to get comfortable with his new title of “Keepers Kup Champion”.

Pablo Cohen-Kup Champion- holding his winning vessel

Special thanks to Father Konnor Farrel and his staff for their dedicated work in handling The Keepers affairs all season.


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