Keepers Golf and Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Kook-Out-2017

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For our third year running it was The Keepers great pleasure to sponsor an appreciation kook-out for the Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff.  We want to acknowledge the amazing efforts of Pete’s staff who prepare and maintain our courses as well as all the people who run the golf shop and stage, schedule, and administrate the first tee.  Their efforts allow Woodmont members to enjoy the finest golf experience in the DC Metro Area every day.

Adam got the Gold Tongs Award for brats and dogs….well done!!


Pete Wendt and Barry Forman were the emcees for the event

By Fox News count there were 70+ staff and members in attendance for today’s delicious kook-out.   The fare included brats, dogs, and burgers off the grill manned by Adam Suelflow, Matt Sumpter, and Pete Wendt and bar-b-que beef, chicken, and pork from Mission BBQ.  Pete’s specialty were the frozen pond cheeseburgers you can normally only get north of the border.  There were sides, fruit, and multi-media cookies for dessert.

Visiting dignitaries included Rich Sussman, Billy Burak, and Keith Eig


The long and winding food line…but the wait was worth it


Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff in serious consumption


The desserts kept everyone engaged til the end

For The Keepers community service commitment begins close to home and we are glad to be able to do this special event each year.  Woodmont provides a first rate  golf course and golf experience to all of our members and we are blessed to have such a committed staff of people supporting this effort every day.



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