Woodmont Cross Country 2017

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The Woodmont Cross Country is always an eagerly anticipated koncluding event for the official golf season.   This year’s Four-Person Step-Back Scramble Competition, appropriately called the “Fake News Follies”,  will be played on Saturday October 28th with morning tee times on a newly updated track assembled by Dweck and Farrell Associations.  There are six new holes in this year’s 12-hole layout,  not sure where these guys keep finding new material.  Six par fours, five par threes, and one par six….yes a Par Six….who would have thunk it!

With forward tees available the course is set up to challenge the full skill set of all players.  Fair, unlikely…..Fun, for sure……this is a unique event you don’t want o miss.

Called “I did not have six with that woman!” the hole after 5 and before 7 is a driveable Par 4 off the Blue tee of Number 9 into the 7th Green

The format is a step aside scramble with four tee shots on every hole.  Each subsequent shot is played by three of the teammates.  The player’s whose shot is chosen on the drive will step aside for the next shot and the other three play the approach.  The player that has his shot chosen on the approach will now step aside with the first player back in the mix for the third shot on the hole.  This continues until the ball is holed.  All four folks return to play the tee shot on the next hole.  The other abiding rule, to insure full participation in the team result, is that every player must have his tee shot chosen on one of the five par three holes on the card.

“Smooooch” is just a sweet little 82 yard punch shot off the Back Tee on 7 to the front pin on the Sid Green through the woods….nothing to this!

A team scramble handicap is calculated by the USGA suggested formula which is a black box calculation if there has ever been one.  The team handicap is taken off the gross team score for the twelve holes (total par is 45 on the Fake News 12) and sweeps prizes are awarded accordingly to the top gross and net finishers.

A returning favorite, the penultimate hole (11th on our kard for those kalculating), requires a long drive back up the 11th fairway and then a carry shot across to the elusive 10th green.

This event is open to all Woodmont golfers and you can sign up for this event through the Woodmont Website Golf Event Registration.

Forward tees have been provided for the gentlemen with a handicap index plus their age of 93 or higher and all the ladies in the field.

It is only 12 holes but are they all real?……Who Do You Wanna Trust?


(Click to get to a downloadable PDF of the Fake News Follies Course Guide)



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