Keepers Five Club 2018-Results

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In last evening’s entertaining Keepers Five Club (KFC) we had 26 Keepers kontesting the front of the North with just five clubs in their bags.  To make it even more interesting trying to select their clubs for the evening,  they played the holes from variegated tees they were not accustomed to.

For example, the Par 3 2nd was off the forward tee at 145 and the Par 3 6th was 175 off the blue tee.  The Par 5 5th played from the front tee as a Par 4 at a mere 380 yards up the hill and the 9th was played from the Mr. Peadbody Way-Back Tee at 495 yards as a Par 5.

With the benefit of Konnor and Andy’s new toy, the Club Genius phone app, we were able to provide live scoring through the event.  We are still working out the details with the Golf Channel so the world can watch this stuff live streaming.  Following the progress of others as we went was definitely added pressure.  Still there were plenty of scores under par and it was a tightly kontested event to the end.

Coming right out of the gate Rick “The Itinerant Keeper” Brecher net eagled the first and the third to get to 4-Under standing on the 4th tee.  A slight deviation on the 4th but Rick had a bounce back birdie on the renewed Par 4 5th.  Playing the rest of the way even par he finished 4-Under to take second and win 120 Keepers Kup Points and $50 in Kash Sweeps.

Ronnie “Now You Will Know My Name” Rosenberg had the true roller koaster Five Club experience by making a birdie net double eagle on the Par 5 3rd to get to 3-Under in a hurry.  A net bogie, birdie, bogie, birdie, bogie finish from 5 to 9 respectively to finish 3rd place at 3 under had to test his blood pressure range.  He earned 90 Keepers Kup Points and $25 in Kash Sweeps for his evening work.

The top prize of 150 Kup Points and $100 Kash Sweeps went to Paul “Single Malt” Cohen with a scintillating 5-Under par performance over this difficult track.  He net birdied the first three holes to establish the beachhead and then birdied the long uphill 5th before making his only slip with a bogey on the 7th.  Playing the 8th from the forward tee at 285 he mastered the task well making a net birdie there and finished in style  on the Par 5 9th, where we played the tee ball from the Clyde’s parking lot, with a 5 net 4 birdie to seal the deal at 5-Under.

Kaptin Keith Eig and Steve “Get Used To Me On The Leaderboard” Lerman finished tied fourth at 2-Under to earn 45 Keepers Kup Points each.

Pablo Cohen returns with an adult beverage in hand to celebrate his first place finish

Just another fun Keepers evening of “Fake Golf” was enjoyed by all who participated.  Kongratulations to all the winners.

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