Keepers Blind Fours 2018

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For the final weekday event of the year the Tournament Kommittee has konjured up a totally new format that which will drive more than a few Keepers to distraction.  This is a 12-Hole Two-Man Team Net Best Ball Kompetition where you and the partner of your choice will play three four-hole matches against unknown opponents.

Take a moment to digest that piece of cheese!!

It takes place on Tuesday August 28th.  We begin with a shotgun start at 5:00 p.m. on the first 12 holes of the South Course.  Getting 80% of your Course Handicap from the tees you are playing, each team plays the 12 holes and puts their net best ball for each hole on the scorecard.

When we all the kompetitors are done we will konvene in the Men’s Card Room to have Vanna do the Blind Match Draws and Pat do the Match Kalculations.

Once all the cards are in we cut each one into three pieces representing holes 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12 and throw them into three separate hats for a series of blind draws.

We pull two card snips at a time from Hat A and match those two team’s best ball scores hole-by-hoe for 2 points a hole.  Tied holes are 1 point per team.  This score is posted in sequence on the scoreboard for each match from Hat A.

Now we move to Hat 2 for the second set of matches and follow the same hole-by-hole best ball scoring.  If two teams who played in a previous match are pulled again then we throw the snips back into the hat and pick again (only exception is if these are the last two in that hat).

With all the math wizards in the room, drama should build nicely once we get to Hat III, wishing and hoping for a kind final opponent draw.

Once the ink has dried on the scoreboard the team with the most points across the three matches is your Blind Fours Winner.

Prizes Per Man:

Keepers Kash Sweeps:  1st $100,  2nd $50, 3rd $25

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (150), 2nd (120), 3rd (90), 4th (60), 5th (30)

Dinner will be available from a slimmed down menu provided by the catering folks before the event.

Sounds simple enough….it should be loads of fun.  Sign up with your partner through the Kosher K below.

Event registration closed-email Moe

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