Keepers Golf & Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Kook-Out 2018

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This was The Keepers fourth time sponsoring this appreciation kook-out for the Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff.  It is our opportunity to acknowledge the year-round efforts of Ryan’s staff who prepare and maintain our beautiful courses as well as all the people who run the golf shop and stage, schedule, and administrate the first tee.


Andrew Meulen, North Course Assist. Super, handled the Brats and Backed Beans


Corey Landon, South Course Assist. Super, responsible for well done burgers and dogs


We had a solid attendance of close to 60 staff and Keepers for today’s tasty Kook-Out.  The fare included your Kook-Out Standards-Brats and Kraut, Hot Dogs, and Burgers off the grill.  We also sourced some fine Pork and Chicken Bar-b-que with delectable Cole Slaw and Mac n’ Cheese from Mission BBQ.


Freaky Friedson, Brian Pizzimenti, Rich Sussman, and Billy Burak taking in the grill smells


Ryan Severidt and Keith Eig sharing tales of Crows, Geese, and Coyotes.


We had John Friedson, Billy Burak, Keith Eig, Moe Dweck, Norman Friedkin, Rich Sussman, Dan O’Neill (and Murphy) representing The Keepers and the Green’s Committee.


Lisa and Shawn sizing up their lunch selections


There was plenty of time to put faces to names and share some personal time with the Greens & Grounds and Golf Staff in attendance.


Golf Shop staff..Brandon Caiola in an early reveal of our Keepers FJ Sweater for 2019 and Jake Thompson lurking in the shadows behind the Mac n’ Cheese


Lots of eating and mingling as everyone enjoyed some relaxing down time together


For our organization community service commitment always begins close to home. We are pleased to continue this annual tradition to thank our Greens & Grounds/Golf Staff for everything they do.  Their devoted efforts allow all Woodmont members to enjoy one of the finest golf experiences in our area on a daily basis.



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