Keepers Pro-Schmo 2019

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The Keepers Kampaign for 2019 opens with our annual Keepers Pro-Schmo on Sunday April 14th where our guys will be playing in a low impact Two-Man Best Ball with a Virtual Pro score from Thursday’s round at Augusta.

Play begins with assigned tee times from 8:30 to 10:30 am with 90% handicap from the Gold Tees on the New North Course.  The Blue/Green Combo Tee option is available to players whose Handicap Index plus their Age is greater than or equal to 92.  Keep in mind that dependent on the weather, it is likely to be Cart Path Only that day.

We expect to have our customary large turn out so we will split the field into two divisions playing for two sets of prizes.  The American League will be Keepers with Handicap Indexes of 14.9 or less and the National League comprised of those with Handicap Indexes of 15 or higher.  Prizes for winners include Keepers Kash Sweeps to the top three and Keepers Kup Points for the top five finishing net team scores.

Using AI and our patented Keepers Random Eight Selection methodology, players pick one of (8) pro partner’s scores from Thursday’s round at The Masters. The Pro’s hole-by-hole score is posted to par on the North Course and they play a virtual best ball between the Pro Partner’s gross score and the Keeper Schmo’s net score on each hole.

In 2018 we had a full tee sheet and four hungry Keepers, March Birnbaum, Phil Cantor, Steve Lustig, and Artie Aronoff, tied first in the American League Division with efficient Net 60’s to split Kup Points and Kash Sweeps.  In the National League Division Gary Faigen teamed with a rejuvenated Tiger Woods to steal the top spot with Net 58 scoring 300 Keepers Kup Points and $100 in Kash Sweeps.

Father Faigen, with Eldrick looking on, points the way to victory in the National Division


There will also be a voluntary Players Pool Kash Kompetition-Pars or Better-for those who are interested in a side game.  As is our tradition, half the $20 entry toll goes to fund our combined military kontributions at the end of the year to the Folds of Honor Foundation, SMGA Wounded Veterans, Israeli Defense Fund Veterans, and Links To Freedom Program.

Field is limited to the first 48 Keepers who sign up, so don’t tarry….sign up by clicking the Kosher K below.


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