Keepers Kovid 7 Klub Challenge 2020

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We begin the Keepers 2020 Kampaign with a unique event in keeping with the spirit of the kurrent konditions.  It is called the Keepers Kovid 7 Klub Challenge which asks you to navigate the 18 holes on the New, New North Course with a “half set” made up of your choice of your favorite 7 clubs.

You get 100% of your course handicap on the North and can play your round between Wednesday May 27th and Sunday May 31st.  You do not have to play with other Keepers-make your own tee time and play with anyone you like.

As is our custom in full field events we will split the field into two divisions-American (Handicap Index 15.0 and below) and National (Handicap Indext of 15.1 or higher) and there will be prizing for low net finishers in each bracket.

It is your job to designate your 7 clubs for the day before you head to the first tee and play all the shots of the day with those implements.  Keepers Honor Kode prevails so it is up to you to komply faithfully with the rules of the day.

Success in this event relies on kritical thinking on club selection as you plan for the day.  The par 3’s are likely to draw your attention as you pick your clubs but it is the approach shots on the 10 par 4’s that probably matter more.

Please sign up for the event through the Kosher K link below between now and Tuesday May 26th at 6 p.m.  Since we do not have a block of tee times for the event, it is up to you to make your own tee time request on the North Course through the Woodmont Tee Time System.

When registration closes on Tuesday we will email you a list of the two divisions, what tees you are to play from, your course handicap from that tee, and a blank scorecard you can use for the event.  Once you have completed your round please tally your Gross and Net Scores, shoot a photo of the card, and email or text the image to me to post on the event scoreboard.  You can email me at or text me at (301) 379-1533.

Event Prizing Top Scores In Each Division:

Keepers Kup Points to the top (5)-1st 300, 2nd 200, 3rd 150, 4th 100, 5th 50

Kash Sweeps to the top (3)-1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $25

This event challenges you to play outside your komfort zone, but you may be surprised how effective you can be if you pick the right clubs.  Don’t get shut out of this fun-register through the link below and then put in your tee time request on the North Course for play from May 27 through May 31st.

Sign up now through the Kosher K below:

Registration for the event is closed



Click Keepers Gavel Below To See Who Is Registered For the Keepers Kovid 7 Klub Challenge:

Click to see results of this event

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