Keepers Half Smokes Year Long Kompetition

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As you all know our Keepers Season has been had all the furniture moved about by the Kovid Pandemic that has so significantly changed our day-to-day lifestyle.  As a result we will only be able to have about half of the Woodmont Golf and Keepers Golf Events that usually make up our schedule and feed our year-long Keepers Kup Kompetition.

So we have decided to replace the Keepers Kup with something a little less ambitious but equally tantalizing that we are calling the Keepers Half Smokes Kompetition.  Similar to the Kup this will be a season long kompetition fed by the points you earn from the Keepers Events we are able to sponsor in this abbreviated season, there just won’t be as many of them as we are used to.  Points are awarded for participation in these events and to the top five finishers as is our kustom.

The big difference is, that unlike the Keepers Kup which determines one overall winner at the end of the year, we are fashioning the Keepers Half Smokes to identify the two year end points kings based on two divisions- the American and National-which represent Keepers with Handicap Indexes of up to 15.0 and 15.1 and higher respectively.  The standings for these two divisions will be posted on the this website through the season as each of our events are concluded.  Just click on the “Keepers Half Smokes Standings” link on the right column of the website home screen.

Wouldn’t this delectable adornment look good on your trophy shelf at year’s end?


At the end of the year we will have a Keepers Half Smokes Finale with additional major points on the line.  After which those at the top of the divisional Keepers Half Smoke Standings will be crowned the Half Smoke Champions for the year.  Unlike the Keepers Kup Finale there will not be a reset of standings points before the finale event

The Keepers Half Smokes Headcover shown above will be given to the winner in each division and there will be serious Kash Sweeps for the top five finishers in both divisions.  Here are the Kash Sweeps on the line at the end of this road.

Keepers Half Smokes Playoff Prizes:

Half Smoke Points and Kash Sweeps Prizes for Zoysia and Bent Phase Winners (each division):

1st 300 pts, 2nd 200 pts, 3rd 150 pts, 4th 100 pts, 5th 50 pts

1st Place $100,  2nd Place $50, 3rd Place $25

Kash Sweeps Prizes for Half Smokes Winners (each division):

1st Places $200, 2nd Place $150, 3rd Place $125, 4th Place $75, 5th Place $50

1st Place Keepers Half Smokes Headcover

We have a bevy of Keepers events planned between now and the end of the year so build up your point inventory by participating and give yourself a chance to be a Keepers Half Smoke Champion for 2020.

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