Keepers Half Smokes Playoffs Results 2020

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Once the smoke had cleared two Keepers, Jimmy “Boom Boom” Polsky and Neal “Found My Putting” Bobys, prevailed in the Two-Phase Half Smokes Playoffs and stood atop of the American and National Divisions respectively.  They had to grind out top level performances on both the Zoysia and the Bent to claim the soon to be cherished Keepers Half Smoke Headcover Trophies and a pile of Kash Sweeps.

The Half Smokes Winners-Jimmy Polsky American-Neal Bobys National

In the opening stanza Barry “Making This A Habit” Haberman led the Americans with a fine Net 69 on the Zoysia followed by Kevin “Bullseye” Bass with Net 70.  In the Nationals four guys tied first with Net 70 including Neal, Rick “Mr. Persistence” Cohen, Marc “The Bronx Bantam” Fink, and Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman.

This set the table for an interesting pair of Half Smokes Standings going into the final phase. 

Bobys and Cohen were in a virtual two-man race for top honors in the Nationals with no one else left within striking distance.  Kuddly Bear, who had been hovering in third in the Nationals, pulled a Bill Belichick maneuver with his fine play down the stretch by sinking his index below the 15.0 level in early September and switching into the American Division for the final phase to claim the top spot.  It was a mere 5 point advantage, with Boom Boom and Allen “Mr. August” Zweig hot on his heels, but Burt set himself up as the man to katch.

In the first two days of the Bent Phase on the North, Jimmy ground out a fine 39-43-82 and used his 13 shots to set the bar in the Americans at Net 69.  Volleys were fired with Burt posting a fine Net 70 on the final day to tie second with Rick “I Am Gonna Get Paid” Payes, including birdies on 13 and 18.  But Burt fell a shot short of tying Jimmy for first in this phase and relinquished his slim lead to finish second in the standings.  Mr. August lost a bit of his mojo with the change of seasons  and fell just out of the top five in the Bent Phase but held on to the #3 spot in the American Standings for the year.

On the Nationals side Steve “Nitro” Gordon did what he has done a number of times in Keepers kompetitions this year quantum leaping the field shooting a kareer round.  He was one over on the Par 3’s and made an unlikely birdie on the 17th of the North on the way to a 7-Under Net 65 to lock up the phase first spot early in the week.  A couple of Net 69’s by Harry “Sifford” Harrison and Rusty “The Itinerant One” Minkoff took second in the Nationals Bent Phase.  In the head to head Neal’s Net 70 tied fourth and he held on to eak out the year-long victory over Mr. Persistence” by 165 points.


Results Of The Zoysia Phase 


Results Of The Bent Phase      


With all the maneuvering done the final year-long standings in each division looked like this.

(Click to see the 2020 Keepers Half Smokes American League Final Standings)

(Click to see the 2020 Keepers Half Smokes National League Final Standings)

Winners Shares:

American Division

1st Jimmy Polsky 1385 Points  $200 Kash Sweeps and Keepers Half Smokes Headcover Trophy

2nd Burt Feldman 1265 Points $150 Kash Sweeps

3rd Allen Zweig  1005 Points $125 Kash Sweeps

4th Yale Kaplan  915 Points $75 Kash Sweeps

5th Don Fisher 905 Points $50 Kash Sweeps


National Division

1st Neal Bobys 1320 Points  $200 Kash Sweeps and Keepers Half Smokes Headcover Trophy

2nd Rick Cohen 1155 Points $150 Kash Sweeps

3rd Steve Gordon 850 Points $125 Kash Sweeps

4th Eddie Cohen  675 Points $75 Kash Sweeps

5th Mark A. Goldstein 585 Points $50 Kash Sweeps


Kongratulations to our winners.  We want to thank all the Keepers whose enthusiasm swelled the ranks of our Kreative Keepers Virtual Kompetitions since June making this 13th Keepers Kampaign something to remember.

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