Woodmont Opening Day Results 2021

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Opening Day, as they say in the AT&T kommercial, is “A Big Deal” on the Woodmont golf scene and the North Course proved to be a quality test for the field in today’s individual and team kompetitions. There were 54 Keepers among the 180 players who participated in today’s golf hoopla and they strongly represented themselves among the folks who took home today’s top prizes.

Mark Engel will add some hardware to his mantel bearing this name as low net for the day.

In the individual kompetitions Mark “Acute” Engel won the Ourisman Trophy for low net for the day with an 86 net 67 and earned 200 Keepers Kup Points for the effort. Don “Starkist” Fisher got 100 Kup Points as low net in the A Flight with an offsetting birdie to his 4 bogies on his way to a fine 75 net 68. Rusty “Far, Far Away” Minkoff returned to shoot 87 net 68 to take low net in the C Flight and 100 Kup Points.

The top finishing teams in the Four-Man Team Net Kompetition were replete with Keepers who earned valuable Kup Points. Three of the four teams who tied for first at 15-under par were Keepers Kombos netting 217 Keepers Kup Points per man.

Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz–Don “Mr. Tell” Greenberg–Ron “Daily Play” Kleinman–Rich “Kojak” Greenberg

Allen “Return To Sender” Zweig–Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan–Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman–Moe “Dog Walker” Dweck

Rick “Pick n” Payes–Jerry “Defibrillator” Leener–Rick “Sweet Man” Sussman–Mark “Acute” Engel

Fourth place among teams with our guys included Mark “Gold” Futrovsky who got 100 points for his team finishing 12-under par.

The fifth place team with Keepers finished 11-under netting 50 Kup Points per man and included Kevin “Bullseye” Bass, Marc “Flash” Fleisher, and Steve “Nitro” Gordon.

Congratulations to all of these guys for today’s fine performance and thanks to all of you who supported this Woodmont event.

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