Keepers Flap Jacks 2021

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Flap Jacks PhotoThe next full-field Keepers event is a delectable old favorite, a 3-Man Team affair, we call Flap Jacks to be played on the South Course between Tuesday May 11th and Wednesday May 19th. 

Kustomize your team by assembling three buddies and enter them when you sign up below.  If you are unaffiliated just email Moe at and we will place you on a team with others who are searching for komplimentary kompetitive talent.   

For this event Keepers with a handicap index of 15.0 or less will play the Blue Tees with 90% of their course handicap.  Those with a handicap index of 15.1 or more can choose to play the Blue Tees or the Blue/Green Combo Tees with 90% of the course handicap from the tees they choose.

The unique team format counts two net scores on each hole.  On the Odd Holes the team counts their two best net ball scores and on the Even Holes the team’s two not-so-best-ball scores will count.  The total score of the two net balls counted on each of the eighteen holes is the team Flap Jack Score.

The point is simple….butter that griddle generously because every man’s score has a chance to matter on every hole.

Event Prizes Per Man on Winning Teams:

Keepers Kash Sweeps:  1st- $100,  2nd $80,  3rd $40

Keepers Kup Points: 1st (300),  2nd (200),  3rd (150),  4th (100),  5th (50)

Please sign up as a 3-Man team below between now and Thursday May 6th at 6 p.m. Once registration is closed, we will email the list of those signed up with their event handicaps and a blank team scorecard to use for the kompetition.

Lots of Kash Sweeps and Kup Points are available to improve your place in the standings, so sign up as a Three-Man Team by clicking the Kosher K below.


Event Registration Closed


Click To See Flap Jacks Results

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