Keepers Match Play Results 2021

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With a full Keepers schedule once again in 2021, the Keepers Match Play, one of the most statured kompetitions of the year,  returned in a new and expanded version.  We had 96 guys competing in 6 brackets in the Keepers Match Play based on handicap ranges.

Each kompetitor would have to win four matches against their own kind in order to take home a pile of Keepers Kup Points, some serious Kash Sweeps, and this handsome plaque you see represented to the right.

The result was four months of great Keepers Match Play kompetition full of nail biting,  klose calls, and more then our share of extra hole playoffs.  In the end we had six very worthy champions.

Brian Fein Champion

Titleist Tsi Bracket

Winner-       Brian “Moving Violation” Fein        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Howie “The Quiet Assassin” Stein   $75 Kash Sweeps

Steve Lerman Champion

Taylormade SIM Bracket

Winner-       Steve “Lear Jet” Lerman                  $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan         $75 Kash Sweeps

Norman Goldberg Champ

Calloway Epic Bracket

Winner-       Norman “Stormin'” Goldberg        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Howard “Stogie I” Wollner             $75 Kash Sweeps

Guy Berliner Champ

XXIO Prime Bracket

Winner-       Guy “Good Humor” Berliner           $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Steve “Country Dentist” Keller        $75 Kash Sweeps

Micah Green Champion

Cobra Radspeed Bracket

Winner-       Micah “Acres” Green                       $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Neal “Stand Up Putter” Bobys         $75 Kash Sweeps

Herb Kushner Champion

Ping G425 Bracket

Winner-       Herbie “True Shoes” Kushner         $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Rick “Orange Line” Cohen               $75 Kash Sweeps


To make it even further engaging, anyone who lost a first round match was guaranteed a second chance in one of 6 korresponding brackets in our 2nd Swing Match Play-kind of a Bridesmaid’s Kompetition-that allowed them to play on and reach for the bouquet, winning Keepers Kup Points and Kash Sweeps along the way.

Once again what followed was three months of kompetitive matches of players of like kaliber that resulted in 6 more worthy winners.

Titleist 975 Bracket

Winner-       Barry “The Barrister” Haberman       $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Andy “Quick Draw” Rodnan               $25 Kash Sweeps

Taylor Burner Bubble Bracket

Winner-       Len “The Plumber” Goldman              $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Howard “Golf Club Atlas” Vogel         $25 Kash Sweeps

Calloway Big Bertha Bracket

Winner-       Billy “First Cut” Burak                             $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Marc “Digital Subscription” Magazine $25 Kash Sweeps

XXIO 8 Bracket

Winner-       Rusty “Far, Far Away” Minkoff              $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Mark “Acute” Engel                                $25 Kash Sweeps

Cobra AMP Bracket

Winner-       Mark “Gold Futures” Futrovsky            $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Chet “Multiple Lives” Levine                $25 Kash Sweeps

Ping I3 Bracket

Winner-       Sonny “Chief Blooming Sun” Bloom    $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Monroe “Breezy” Brett                         $25 Kash Sweeps


Kongratulations to our bracket champions and thanks to all 96 of the Keepers who participated in this year’s riveting Keepers Match Play and 2nd Swing Match Play Kompetitions.

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