Keepers Kup Playoffs Results 2021

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Once again this year we had a two-phase format for the final leg to determine the Keepers Kup Champions.  The first phase was played on the Bent of the North Course the first week in September followed by a final 18 holes on the Zoysia on Sunday September 19th.

Keepers Kups 2021
2021 Keepers Kup Winners: American Division-Don Fisher and Brian Fein National Division-Neal Bobys and Bob Fogel

In the Bent Phase the American Division was dominated by Steve “Lear Jet” Lerman and Ronnie “The Tooth” Rosenberg who scorched the field with a pair of net 68’s to take the top prize. Allen “Return To Sender” Zweig was close behind with a net 69 for third. Two were tied fourth with net 70, Don “Star Kiss” Fisher and Jimmy “Here and There” Polsky.

The Nationals had a similar scenario with Ron “Separdie” Dweck and Bobby “Jack Lalanne” Fogel throwing down net 67’s to win the division. Third alone was Burt “Cuddly Bear” Feldman with net 69. A tie for fourth between Rich “Sweet Man” Sussman and Kolman “Chaps” Apt who shot net 71.

This left the Lead Dogs to beat going into the Zoysia Phase as Don Fisher and Neal Bobys, but there was still a number of guys who could snatch the Kups if they did not post a decent number and protect their positions at the top of the American and National Division Standings respectively.  

Lead Dog Trophies 2021
Lead Dogs entering the final phase: Don Fisher-American Division–Neal Bobys-National Division

We could not have asked for a more perfect golf day on the South Course-recently nicknamed little Arizona due to Ryan’s efficient grass management program.  It was sunny, clear, comfortably in the 70’s.  The fairways were lush and giving no roll, the roughs were toasted and mostly lift, clean, and place, and the greens had just enough pace to keep your attention.   

The playing conditions and the playoff pressure combined to make it a difficult scoring day, no one in the field of over 50 Keepers managed a net round under par.  The front nine created lots of hopeful expectation yielding net birdies galore, but the back nine showed it’s teeth, where high scores were lurking, and many found their hopes come crashing back to the ground in a heap.

In the American Division Don “Star Kiss” Fisher played a solid round as a front runner, shooting a one under par 34 on the front which included birdies on 5 and 9.  Leaking a little oil on the inward nine he had a 41 for gross 75/net 71.  This tied him for first with two others, Jimmy “Mostly Here” Polsky and Howard “I Filed For An Extension” Wollner.  Jimmy was steady with 40-41-81 and Howard was more cyclical with 35-45-80 but they both ended up net 71.  Tied fourth were at net 72 were Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan, Artie “The Sundance Kid” Aronoff, and Arnie “20/20” Miller.

Once the Points and Sweeps were metted out, you can check them out through the “Results Of The Zoysia Phase” link below, Star Kiss maintained his grasp on the Keepers Kup and Brian “Moving Violation” Fein took second as Truth and Light fell just short of catching him due to the three-way share on the fourth place points.

Fisher American Winner
Star Kiss kapped a dominating season long performance in the Americans with today’s net 71 to hoist the Kopper Kup.

The Nationals had a similar result though there were some excellent individual performance by guys who were theoretically not in the mix.  Chet “Multiple Lives” Levine took first in the Zoysia Phase using his 23 shots wisely on the way to a fine Net 72.  Tied second with Net 75s were Rick “Orange Line” Cohen, Bernie “Dental Floss” Greenbaum, and Herbie “The Ageless Wonder” Cherner. 

This put a scare in the hearts of the leaders who clearly were not going to get the top Kup Points or Kash Sweeps in this phase.  Tied fifth were Neal “Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys, Steve “What Are We Playing For” Keller, and Phil “Musaf Express” Schulman with Net 76.  Once again you can see the Zoysia prizing through the link below.

With all the Zoysia tumult in the Nationals the top five positions in the division for the Kup remained unchanged.  Neal took the Nationals Top Prize for the second year running and second fell to Bobby “Jack Lalane” Fogel who had an outstanding year winning two events and finishing top five in three others.  Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz was third, followed in fourth by Mark “Acute” Engel, and Herbie “The Other Ageless Wonder” Kushner who finished fifth.

Bobys National Winner
Neal used strong performances in the Match Play, Woodmont Two-Man Team, Woodmont Flighted Club Championship, and Woodmont Senior Championship on his way to winning the Kup this year.

You can see the American and National Division Keepers Kup Results and prizes by clicking on the Kosher K below.

 Special thanks to our main man Konnor and his staff for the support and assistance in administering our program through the year.  Let’s not forget Cathy Goodrich for her efforts in keeping us looking sharp in this year’s Keepers Klothing Kollection.

Thanks to all of you for making this Keepers Kampaign of 2021 such a success with your enthusiastic participation. 


Results Of The Bent Phase 


Results Of The Zoysia Phase      


Click to see Keepers Kup Results


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