Keepers Kampaign Preview 2022

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Keepers Kups 2021

The annual march to lay claim on the Kopper Kups begins in April as 122 Keepers embark on the 2022 Keepers Kampaign.  This year it will include 18 kompetitions-10 Keepers Events and 8 Woodmont Golf Events-as the guys compete in two divisions throughout the year, American (Hcp Index of 15.0 or lower) and National (Hcp Index of 15.1 or higher), playing for their piece of over $10,000 in Kash Sweeps.  

The eight Woodmont Golf Events include Opening Day, Senior Member-Guest, Alzheimers Event, Woodmont Match Play Club Championship, (2) 18-Hole Couples events, Senior Club Championship, and the Woodmont Two-Man Team.  In all cases top finishing Keepers will win valuable Keepers Kup Points to enhance their position in the American or National Division.

This year The Keepers will have two year-long match play kompetitions, the Keepers Match Play and the Keepers Pairs Match Play, with matches once a month starting in May-win you advance, lose it is sayonara baby!  In these matches the tee you play is based on your bracket so everyone in your bracket will play the same tees.

The Keepers Match Play arrays 96 players according to handicap index in (6) flights called Oakmont, Bandon Dunes, Pinehurst, Pebble Beach, Riviera, and Oakland Hills for single elimination match play.  It takes four match wins to capture the bracket crown, konsiderable kup points and kash sweeps, and this handsome wood plaque kommemorating your accomplishment.

Herb Kushner Champion

The Keepers Pairs Match Play is new this year-a two-man team kompetition where the guys will select a partner to sign up with whose handicap index is in the same bracket designated by handicap range- Seminole Bracket (4.6-10.6 hcp index), Royal Liverpool (10.7-15.5), L.A.C.C. (15.6 to 21.1), and Royal Lytham/St. Annes (21.2 to 32.6).  We will create these four brackets with 8 teams in each (a total of 64 participants) and the play will begin.  It takes three match wins to take your bracket and all the goodies that go with it.

BTW, 25 Keepers points to anyone who can korrectly tell me the source of the naming convention of both Match Play kompetitions.  Email your entry to me by midnight Tuesday for a jump start on your Keepers Kup Point Kollection.

One change from last year regards the tees you will play from in Keepers events.  For all the other Keepers events but the two Match Plays players will have the option to play from one of two tees based on their division and the course we are playing.  Event handicap will depend on the tee you choose for that course.

If you are playing American-North you get to choose Gold or Gold/Green Combo and South you get to choose Blue or Blue/Green Combo.

If you are playing National-North you get to choose Gold/Green Combo or Green and South Blue/Green Combo or Green.

The regular season begins with a full field event on Sunday April 17th we call the Pro-Schmo.  Each Keeper is assigned a virtual pro partner whose scores from Sunday’s Masters final round will be matched to par on the Woodmont scorecard.  Together they will play a net best ball-it usually takes something in the low 60’s to take home this top prize.

We have brought back the Keepers Kount 2-3-4 Four-Man Team event in early May.  Guys will carefully choose among their friends to assemble a squad that will count 2 net best balls on the Par 5s, 3 net best balls on the Par 4s, and all four net balls on the Par 3’s.  Needless to say the three-pars can cause konsiderable konsternation in this format.

For the first time The Keepers will play a full field event with a block of tees times on a weekday afternoon.  With tee times from 12 noon to 2 pm guys will have to show their adaptive skills in the Keepers Half Sets when they play the full 18 holes on the South Course with only 7 clubs.   

In mid June the annual Keepers Beat The Pro will be played on Father’s Day Weekend.  This time each Keeper has to play a head-to-head 18 hole match against the scorecard of one of the pros from Thursday’s opening round of the U.S. Open at The Country Club At Brookline.  

In late July we bring back an old favorite, the Keepers Ham n Egg.  Pick a partner and guys will play a round where one player’s net scores count on the Odd Holes and his partner’s count on the Even Holes.  We do accommodate two well-timed flips during the round to help avoid a scorecard train wreck.

Alternate shot returns with the Pinehurst Glenmorangie on Sunday August 7th which always tests a teams ability to play without having to say their sorry.

The two-phase playoffs in late August and early September will konclude the Keepers Kampaign and determine who will hoist the Keepers Kup as champion in the American and National Divisions.

Sounds to me like another year long thrill ride………set your schedule to get your piece of the action!!!


Click to see Keepers Schedule for 2022


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