Keepers Match Play 2022

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Brian Fein ChampionThe Keepers Match Play is one of the signature events on our schedule each year.  It takes four match wins to take home this handsome plaque as well as plenty of Keepers Kup Points and Kash Sweeps.

The first 96 guys who register will be divided into 6 flights by handicap index range which will pit you against players of similar skill in a win you go on, lose you go home format.  We will use your kurrent handicap index to determine your flight designation.

The flight handicap index ranges are:

Oakmont  4.6 to 9.3     Bandon Dunes  9.4 to 12    Pinehurst  12.3 to 14.6

Pebble Beach 14.8 to 18.2  Riviera  18.2 to 24    Oakland Hills 24.6 to 32.1

These ranges are subject to change based on who actually signs up for the kompetiton.

In this competition the tees you play from in each match is dependent on your flight and the course we are playing.  Strokes are given based on the two kompetitor’s handicaps as of the date of the match.  Winning a match gives you 100 Keepers Points and you move on to the next round.

Match Play Prizes:

(6) Flight Winners get the handsome wood plaque and $150 in Kash Sweeps

(6) Flight Runners Up get $75 in Kash Sweeps


Please refer to this document to see the Match Play Completion Dates for each round.  If you are going to have trouble playing your first round by May 22nd please do not sign up.  We do not grant any extension to these matches through the year.

Sign up soon so you don’t get closed out of the Keepers Match Play.


Registration Is Now Closed For This Event


Click To See Who Signed Up For The Keepers Match Play

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